Monday, September 30, 2013

Love Life, Outloud

YouTube has created a lasting love affair between beauty and myself, however, being the world's most awkward and camera shy person on Earth has inhibited me from joining the community. Solution: starting a blog to be able to share my own monthly favorites, finds and random musings. I have wanted this blog for sometime now but I will admit that picking a title that I would love and grow with was a challenge. After going through countless possibilities, inspiration has struck and I have settled with the simple title "Love Life, Outloud". These three words I feel encompasses everything: the things I love about life and the encouragement to live it out. So welcome to this new adventure I am embarking on, there are sure to be ups and downs, unexplained absences as well as periods of writing frenzy. I am excited to start sharing my experiences with the world and to start leaving my digital footprint for all to follow.

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