Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY: Re-purposing Candle Jars

As a serious candle junkie I have collected candles for every season and holiday and constantly have one burning in my room. Before I had discarded empty jars once I had burned away all that delightful scented oil, but Pinterest has opened my eyes to a new alternative: reusing the jars! Similar jars sold in stores can run upwards to $20, so might as well invest the money in some good smelling candles and then be able to upcycle the jars as an added bonus. The steps are maddeningly simple to clean out a jar for use, and with so many different candles in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it was insane I hadn't thought to use them post candle life. Here's some really simple instructions as to how to clean out candle jars as well as some inspiration of what I use mine for.
  • After you have burned the heck out of your candle (aka when it burns to the point where the flame extinguishes itself) allow wax to cool and harden to completely.
  • Stick it into the freezer for about ten minutes. Don't leave it in for too long because there's a risk of the glass cracking. This step will chill the wax causing it to pull away from the glass make it easier to remove.
  • Next using a butter knife stab at that wax and it will break off in large chunks and you can throw that away.
  • Fill the jar up with hot soapy water and allow it to sit for about five minutes.
  • Using that same butter knife you can now remove the wick because the hot water has now softened the tacky adhesive and it should now break free easily.
  • Hand wash the jar to get rid of all wax residue and soot, now is a good time to also remove all labels from the jar. Do NOT take the easy route with the the dishwasher, 9/10 times the jar will crack from the extreme heat.
  • Wipe it dry and now you have a cute little jar to use!
I use my jars for everything, from holding cotton balls to bracelets, the options are literally endless. Enjoy!

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