Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Here's a break from the usual beauty talk to have a fan girl moment over the return of Pretty Little Liars and the premiere of Ravenswood. Warning you now that there will be spoilers so if you haven't watched these two episodes from last night turn away now! I will admit when I first started seeing the commercials for Ravenswood I wasn't too interested. In all honesty it actually took a few mentions of it in Pretty Little Liars (hence forth denoted as PLL), before I finally made the connection. Poor Hanna has suffered enough heart breaks and issues, I thought it was a little cruel to remove her boy from the equation and transplant him into RW. However I was intrigued by this opener and looking forward to the season.

PLL set up the story nicely to lead into RW, giving an explanation as to why Caleb ended up there as well as introducing another lead character. The entire episode was very super natural with the creepy factor of living in a funeral house with a secretive uncle. I must say I am pleased that this is different from PLL, still having the creepy mysterious vibe however instead of just a few people with secrets it seems to be a whole town with some sort of secret, as well as something crazy supernatural going on. I do appreciate that they've abandoned their attempt at being artistic with the muted colors and stuck in time sort of feeling that they portrayed Ravenswood as, so now it is a much more believable show that can be taken seriously. Overall definitely a strong start and excited to see what else is to come.

PLL is seriously the most frustrating yet addicting show ever. I would say it is the next great masterpiece of ABC Family ever since they ended Greek. If you haven't seen that show it is absolutely fabulous and the complete series is on Netflix, it was especially touching to me because the last season aired around the same time as my senior year in college and each episode was watched with my sorority sisters (cue cheesy sad violin music). But I digress. So after the cliff the writers pushed us off after the summer finale where they implied that Ezra was A all along, rumors and discussions were rampant, mostly with people cobbling together forced theories of how Ezra couldn't be A. Personally I thought it made sense and was always suspicious of him. What self respecting 20 some year old would really be interested in carrying out a serious and meaningful relationship with their 16 year old student? Also how very little happened to Aria while all of her friends suffered horribly? Highly suspect.

Ali is alive!!! I wonder if she will be in contact with them more now that she has revealed herself to the liars. Also are they creating a love interest for Caleb??? Not cool after all the heart break Hanna has gone through. And all those disbelievers of Ezra as A...totally confirmed now. No surprise when one of them ends up missing as they venture inside the creepy tomb, Ali or no Ali when is it ever smart to go inside an unknown tomb in an already messed up town? The episode as a whole was kind of painfully slow for me. Slightly cheesy moment though with Hanna asking Caleb to stay behind. I wonder if there will be occasional reunions between the two in either show. I feel like no one can deny that Ezra is A now though, after the costume, the riding in to save the day, and the fear in Ali's eyes when she heard him coming with the subsequent disappearance..yup he's definitely Board Shorts.

So what did everyone think of these premieres last night? What are your latest theories about where exactly PLL is trying to go? Thoughts on RW and how it compares?

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