Thursday, October 24, 2013

Review: BH Cosmetics California Collection

I snagged these three special edition palettes off of the BH Cosmetics for $8 each and I must admit they are not worth the money. Originally I only had the intention of purchasing the San Francisco palette having studying the colors and deciding that those would be the most wearable for my preferences, but the sale I spotted when I was shopping around convinced me to go ahead and grab all three. Each palette is a small square that opens up to reveal 16 eyeshadows that are a mix of matte and glitter, 4 blush or highlight shades and a small mirror. The packaging makes these ideal for travel because they are compact and condenses many must have products into one. However I am extremely disappointed in the consistency within these palettes, with an irritating mix of sheer and opaque colors. While I would love to be able to take just one for travelling, I find it difficult to complete an eye look with just one palette because some of the colors are completely sheer and not build-able. This will become more apparent when I break down each individual palette down and show swatches below. For the price I guess this is the quality to be suspected, however after having great success with the Galaxy Chic palette I just expected a little more.

San Francisco
"Inspired by the classic San Francisco city, this palette contains eye and face colors that can transform you into a sophisticated bay area girl. Cool tones and feminine colors get you ready for gloom or shine."
First up is the San Francisco palette. I prefer wearing dark, neutral eyes so I thought this palette would be perfect for my everyday needs as well as allowing me to experiment with some color closer to my comfort zone. This was the most disappointing of all three palettes. All the colors came out very sheer no matter how many layers I swatched on. They were basically unwearable since they lacked pigment and within an hour of actually wearing them, the color had completely faded even with the use of a primer. All the colors on the left were faint and not very dark and the ones on the right did not swatch out true to color. The most pigmented color that looked to be a nice mint green in the palette came out to be a bright cyan blue. The misleading color payoff is a little annoying because I never end up creating the eyelook I had been imagining with these colors.
The only saving grace for this palette were the face powders. The top two make very nice highlight colors and the blushes are soft and wearable without being overly glittery.

"Become a sparkling beach babe with cool & warm shades of eyeshadows and face powders. Use this makeup palette for the perfect sun-kissed glow that every Malibu It-Girl craves.
This palette ended up being my most favorite out of the three. This is a case where the lighter color pigmentation actually paid off because the colors came out exactly as I liked them to be. While there are a few exceptions where there was basically no color, there are more shades of rich pigmentation that actually makes this palette functional. There are a lot of lovely shades of blue along with a small range of yellow to golds to create a really fun daytime look. In comparison to the San Francisco palette, these colors were more long wearing and applied easier because it did not require me to pile a lot of product on in order to get even a trace of color.
This palette also contains my favorite blush which is the one that is in the top right quadrant. On my cheeks it is a beautiful dusty rose gold that really does achieve the sun-kissed glow. The highlight shades are much more subtle but they do make for good colors to highlight the brow bone.

"Look like an A-List celebrity using these bold eyeshadow and face colors, personally hand-picked by a Hollywood makeup artist. Mix & match the jewel-toned shades for a stunning look on your next glamorous night-out."
This palette is strictly when you want that dramatic night out look, there is no way I could put together an acceptable daytime look with these colors. Out of all the palettes these shadows are the most pigmented and the colors are deep, bold and out there. There is a punch of glitter in the majority of the shades and you would be able to create some very dramatic eyes with these colors. These were the most long lasting of all the colors with the majority of the shades being extremely opaque. Even though these are the most richly colored shades I have a hard reaching for this palette just because the colors are more night appropriate and I find myself more in situations where daytime activities turn into nighttime ones and I have no time to adjust my makeup.
The face powders are bright, ranging with hot pink to a warm coral, even the highlight color has a light baby doll pink flush to it. These are definitely all camera ready colors.

If I had to choose just one to buy I definitely would have stuck with the Malibu palette. I find that the color combinations work the best with each other along with all the colors having decent pigmentation. I would not suggest the San Francisco palette at all because the majority of the eyeshadows are not wearable because there is just no color payoff, however there is slight redemption in their face powders. The Hollywood palette is fun for those who wear dramatic eyes out often at night, the colors are fun and richly pigmented with some very beautiful blushes.

Do you own any of these palettes? If not are you going to try any of them out?

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