Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic

This is the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic baked eyeshadow palette which comes with 18 beautiful shadows. I hauled this palette along with a few other items a few weeks ago and I have been very pleased with this purchase. 

First of all the size of this palette is way bigger than I thought. It is roughly the size of a Harry Potter novel and each color comes in a generous quarter sized amount. It also comes with a small mirror on the lid which in my opinion is a little small making it difficult to actually use, especially while holding up this sizeable palette. The packaging is sturdy and it has a magnetic closure in the flap. For $14 this palette is an absolute steal for both the quantity and quality that you receive. There are no matte shades in this palette however it is still possible to create daytime looks because despite the bright colors and marbling in all the colors, some of them do come off as light and more neutral. There's a wide range of color that all work well for each other and there are shades for everyone to work with and enjoy. Unlike some other palettes I'm finding that each color seems to be unique in itself, with notable differences.

The pigmentation in these colors are gorgeous and despite some of them being deceptive (at least to me) in what color actually results I still love them all. For example, Asteroid I thought would come out as more of a copper color but when I swatched it, it came out more as a grey forest green. I am finding that these baked eyeshadows have a much more bright color pay off and when applied with a damp brush then the colors really pop. These colors are very buildable and easy to blend, applies smoothly with just one layer. I find that the easiest way to apply is to press the color onto your lids and then gently blending it to set the color. They are fairly long lasting, and when used with a primer I have found that they do not crease even after all day wear with my greasy eyelids. I do find that there is a lot of fallout when applying these so definitely tap the brush to remove excess powder before using. Another good trick is to hold a tissue to your bottom lash line to catch fallout to ensure that your cheeks stay color free.

I highly recommend this palette, for the price and the amount of product you receive it is definitely a deal. I have included swatches of all the colors below, all the colors are shown with one pass of color except for the lighter ones I did a second coat to really show their full potential. Some favorite color pairings of mine have been Sun with Mars or Aphrodite for a nice sublte daytime look; Cosmic with Mercury for a dusty rose effect; and a beautiful smoky blue eye using Meteor, Earth and Neptune. Do you have this palette? What do you think? What are some of your favorite color combinations and looks?


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