Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 2013 UNfavorites

In my month of rediscovery and experimentation I have stumbled across a few products I regret buying. Of course I will still be finishing them off because I'm the type of person to not waste, but I will be unlikely to repurchase these items.

1. Essie: Mint Candy Apple, while this is a beautiful color, it lands in the unfavorites category for two reasons: false advertising and bad formula. I first saw this color in an issue of Cosmo and it appeared to be a lovely pale mint, however in person it is closer to a light powder blue. Also this bottle of polish is a little clumpy and streaky, I have yet to produce an acceptable manicure using this color.
2. Scandaleyes Show Off Mascara, I decided to give this a shot after they discontinued my favorite Lycra Lash Extender by Rimmel. I tried this in the color blackest black and it did little more than tint my eyelashes. It was an extremely dry formula with a prickly brush that did not lengthen, curl or add volume to my eyelashes. Definitely one to skip and this one may get binned without finishing it.
3. Dream Bouncy Blush, after viewing mixed reviews on YouTube I decided to give this a try. I picked up the color in Peach Satin hoping for a nice warm flush. I think my dislike of the product may be due to the color I chose and I think I may give another shade a shot. Having to apply this blush with my fingers resulted in a streaky, orange mess. I found it difficult to blend out into a natural flush.
4. Butter London: Fiddlesticks, I don't even know where to begin with this. First of all on Amazon it appears to be a ruby red, in fact it is a glitter magenta pink, similar to what I imagine would be Barbie's prom dress. For the price I paid of $14, I expected a glitter polish that would be opaque in no more than two coats and sparkle like diamonds. If you can manage to get an even coat of this stuff on your nails it would sparkle. This stuff is a gloopy, clumpy nightmare that I find impossible to put on even one thin, even layer. Horrible, stay far, far away from this stuff, you're better off with a top coat and rolling your finger in some loose glitter instead.
5. Pond's Cold Cream Cleanser, while this stuff takes off even the most stubborn of waterproof mascara without ripping out my eyelashes, the slimy, oily film that it leaves behind after getting rinsed off makes it not worth it in my book. 

What are some products you regret buying?

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