Monday, October 14, 2013

Walkers, Witches, and Wonderland

It has been a great few days of TV premieres for some highly anticipated shows of mine. Today I am going to talk about three in particular: American Horror Story which airs on Wednesdays on FX, The Walking Dead which is Sundays on AMC, and a new spin-off series Once Upon a Time in Wonderland which can be found on ABC on Thursdays. I am warning you all now that there will be spoilers so stop reading now if you haven't seen these premieres yet!

American Horror Story
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This show is not for the faint hearted, even I had issues last season as I watched Adam Levine's arm get ripped off by an insane killer. After watching all the creepy teasers that FX has been releasing I was excited for this season which is named Coven, for the return of the goosebumps, and I was not disappointed. Shot in the usual style of story line from the past that is crucial to understand what is happening in the future, this season centers around witches. There was blood and mutilation within the first three minutes of the episode, so you know this season is going to be a good one. I loved seeing actors from the first season brought back for this season, as well as casting Emma Roberts as the helpless mean girl. It is interesting that this season they decided to be very in your face about the paranormal, first season being a classic haunted house and second season about demons in an asylum, they were very upfront this time around boldly talking about witches as if it were a common topic with magical powers happening as naturally as breathing. This approach makes it that they are going less for the gory surprise factor but rather a more haunting feeling which I welcome because I will admit there were a few seasons from last season that have thoroughly traumatized me. I am very excited to see where this season will go. 

The Walking Dead
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I'll admit I kind of forgot what happened in this previous season so there was a whole lot of confusion going into this. I am pleased for the return of this show to fill up the void that Breaking Bad has left in my soul. I really should have rewatched the last few episodes because just two minutes into this episode I was so confused because I couldn't remember what happened last.
First of all...they are still in that dang prison?! You would have think they would have chosen to cozy up in that nice fortified town with no mysterious holes in the fences and groups of randoms hiding out with you. Also, who are all of these people, who cleans the impaled walkers off the pointy sticks and who takes care of baby Judith? So many questions, so much confusion.
Slightly disappointed with overall how boring this episode was. There was the one grand zombie massacre scene, but the rest of it was slightly predictable, and there wasn't any riveting moment that set up potential for future episodes. I don't know, I guess this episode just kind of acted to set the scene of what they hope to maintain before it all comes crashing down as the season progresses. Fingers crossed for some more excitement to come.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
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Alice in Wonderland has always been one of my favorite stories so I was so excited when I learned of this spin-off another favorite of mine, Once Upon a Time. The premiere was nothing like I expected.
The episode began in a series of flashbacks, from young Alice as we know her emerging from the rabbit hole, to a grow up Alice in an insane asylum, flashing back through her second adventure through Wonderland in an attempt to bring proof of its existence. Back in the asylum she agrees to an operation that claims to take away all these foolish memories, including the one where she witnesses her beloved's plunge to his death in the boiling sea. Cue the unnamed handsome stranger the morning of her procedure who drops the bomb: he's alive! Okay I'll stop with the cheesy recapping now, but ABC you got me. This premiere intrigued me and the beautiful (I am a sucker for pretty colors) animation of Wonderland was captivating. With the recent heartbreak of discovering so many shows I watch have been cancelled, fingers crossed that this one can hold on. However walking down the yellow brick road through Wonderland? That one confuses me a bit. Also excited to see the connections to the original series which I must admit has been falling flat for me so far this season so hopefully that picks up soon.

Has anyone else checked out these premieres? What did you think? What are some other shows that you're loving this Fall?

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