Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cuddle Weather

As the temperature drops, there is nothing I love to do more than cuddle up with someone for a nice movie marathon. However I do not have the most agreeable fluffy dog when it comes to cuddling, nor does my boyfriend have unlimited time (and tolerance) for such shenanigans, I often find myself settling for plan B. That would be to put on some fuzzy socks, wrap myself into a warm blanket and grab steaming mug of hot chocolate for some quality time with a book. That was a mouthful, trying to paint a picture here in your mind. Besides my classic favorites of Harry Potter and Narnia, here are some other books I have been reaching for. You can see that I have a tendency to grab dystopian novels that apparently all come in trilogies. I do tend to gravitate towards fiction rather than nonfiction because I love losing myself in the story, just a habit from childhood that I've been happy to hold onto.

  • The Hunger Games trilogy still warrants a shout out because I encourage everyone to pick up the books for a refresher before the second movie debuts next week! For those who are unfamiliar with this series, Suzanne Collins paints a dystopian future where children are picked to fight to the death for the amusement of the people. There are three books: The Hunger GamesCatching Fire, and Mockingjay. Definitely one of those with a twisted happy ending, but still a solid series that I find myself revisiting almost (but not quite) as often as the Harry Potter books.
  • I have to mention has to be the Divergent trilogy by Veronica Roth, who recently released the final book in the series. I definitely sat down and read the last one in a sitting having been waiting for it for over a year now. This dystopian future features cults and the idea of abandoning your family. I'm doing a horrible job explaining but I don't want to give anything away. If you liked the Hunger Games definitely check this out, it sits snugly within the same genre with a whole different story. The three books are: DivergentInsurgent, and Allegiant. There are also some Kindle exclusive novellas released that provided some character insight as everyone waited eagerly for the release of Allegiant.
  • Next in my dystopian fancies, so the Outside series by Shalini Boland which includes OutsideThe Clearing, and the final unreleased title The Perimeter which is set to conclude in just one week! Set in England in a time where crime is so out of hand, the wealthy have fenced in towns in order to stay safe, when her sister is found dead, Riley leaves the safety of her perimeter in order to discover the truth and find the murderer. This series focuses less on governmental control like the previous two did but rather the dangers faced in a broken society. I'm looking forward to the conclusion to this series.
  • Imagine waking up in a maze full of young boys and knowing nothing but your own name. This is what Thomas faces in the Maze Runner trilogy by James Dashner and the boys race to escape the maze and find out why they were put there, and most importantly, who put them there. This is an eerie tale spread out through three books, The Maze RunnerThe Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure; the names themselves of all the books is unsettling. There is also a prequel that doesn't relate much to the characters in the trilogy but does provide insight into how the world got to be how it is, that one is called The Kill Order.
  • Let's change gears for a moment and go with a book that is definitely for a more older audience. From the magical world of wizards J.K. Rowling's first shot at an adult book was fantastic. The Casual Vacancy is a very disturbing book full of mature content that follows the lives of some unremarkably ordinary people. It is a look into human nature and just how horrible people can be.
  • I picked this book up at Costco not expecting anything but Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn has inspired me to seek out more titles by her. This book was dark and had me sitting on the edge of my seat and I literally had to finish it in one sitting because the mystery of it was driving me crazy. Read this only if you have a few hours where you can read nonstop because I guarantee you won't want to put this one down.
  • The Selection series is basically the The Bachelor meets Princess Diaries, which is just fantastic. In this series by Kiera Cass, girls are selected to compete for the Prince's heart on a live televised show. This is a light and fun read and I can't wait for May to find out who Maxon chooses! So far there is The Selection and The Elite with the final installment The One set to release May 6th!
  • Before the Delirum series (also a great read) Lauren Oliver wrote a beautiful heartbreaking book called Before I Fall. This story follows Samantha who has a seemingly perfect life that is cut short. However she finds herself reliving her last day seven times, and each day she learns something new about the people around her and the events that led up to her death.
  • Here is another great book to think about. Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher documents a boy named Clay following the voice recording of his crush who committed suicide, as she outlines thirteen reasons caused by other people of why she did it. This is a dark and haunting book that is honestly suitable for all people. It really touches on the value of life and themes of the need for more kindness really resonates throughout the pages.
Sorry the last two really ended in a sad note, did not plan it all that way. On these book reading days I do find I like a mix of light hearted wonderlands to escape into, as well as the type of books that really make me evaluate myself and reflect on whether or not I am presenting myself as the person I really am. But this really turned into a nice chunk of book suggestions especially since I did sneak in a lot of trilogies into the mix.

What are some books you've been loving

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