Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Emergency Everything Kit

More than once I have been caught in a situation where I walked out of the house missing some kind of makeup, or ended up staying at a friend's house due to one too many unplanned cocktails from a girly night in turned into happy hour. Ever since these kind of issues have arised (okay I'll admit it was around the tenth time of figuratively being caught with my pants down that I actually did something), I have put together a mini emergency everything kit that can be stashed into even the smallest of my clutches, so now I can always be prepared! A lot of these items I have my subscription boxes to thank for as they provide very conveniently individually wrapped items, but use this more as an idea or suggestion box to create your own kit.

1. First up is the adorable cloth pouch that I receive from a Birchbox. I love the cute little zig-zag pattern and the colors and it conveniently keeps everything together and within reach for me.
2. Tampons, so necessary.
3. A mini mirror so I can check myself anywhere, and not need to compete with a million pushy girls in a bathroom.
4. This is a weird one, I got it in my Birchbox thinking I would never use this. These are teeth wipes that are said to be useful in preventing stains and freshening your breath...I mean you just never know.
5. Here's another weird thing from my Birchbox, these are feet wipes. Very handy for dispelling embarrassing stinky feet...again, you never know.
6. An individually packet of a makeup remover wipe..genius!
7. Oil blotting papers, very necessary for de-slicking that t-zone to look fresh.
8. Little tube of BB Cream that doubles up as SPF as well as the obvious function of evening out the skin wherever foundation may have worn away.
9. Mascara..this is the number one product I always forget before leaving the house so this one really has been a lifesaver.
10. Some moisturizer that I use mostly as a hand cream and if it's really needed to attack the major dry spots of elbows and knees.
11. Tube of perfume if I ever feel like I need an extra pick me up of smell throughout the day.
12. Eyeliner to keep that waterline neat and there.
13. Brow pencil to fix the spots my brow gel may have missed to set in the mornings.
14. And finally band aids because I am very accident prone.

There are some more things I'm looking to add, some tweezers, a stain stick and other things, but for now these are the essentials I carry with me at all time and must say has really saved me in some situations.

What types of products do you always keep with you at hand? Was there anytime you wished you had something with you that you didn't have?

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