Monday, November 11, 2013

Review: Essie Holiday 2013 Collection

Sorry for all these consecutive nail polish posts lately, some serious bad planning on my part, I promise this is the last one for awhile though! 
This purchase was an accident I swear I didn't mean to buy it! But may as well follow up Friday's review of Essie's Winter Collection with this other collection they have recently released featuring all glitters for the holiday! I must say the name kind of grosses me out, they have decided to call it Encrusted Treasures...encrusted, really now? But I must admit there are some beautiful and unique polishes here, as well as their stab at the OPI liquid sand trend! Without further ado let's get right into swatches and thoughts on these six polishes! And yes a couple of these are meant to be layered top coats, but for the intent on showcasing the glitter alone I will be swatching all of them onto bare nails so some of these may end up a little wonky.

First up is Hors d'Oeuvres which in the bottle looks to be a fine glitter base that is silver with the generic iridiscent shimmer that shifts between green, gold and silver (quite festive) as well as larger flecks of circular silver glitter in two sizes. This would look beautiful layered on top of another color but if you employ the dabbing method you can get a lovely completely covered look such as I achieved above.
On A Silver Platter is similar to Hors d'Oeuvres except the shimmer base is gold and it is a lovely sprinkling of blue glitter. I applied this one in dabbing motions and achieved a nice solid color however it is more sheer and would also look very nice layered over a darker color.
I must admit I've never tried a a bar glitter polish because they just look like it would be really difficult to apply (I was so right), but this one is beautiful and worth the struggle. Peak of Chic is gorgeous with bars of white non glittery and then super rainbow glitter silver bars mixed together in a clear base. Definitely meant to be worn as a top coat but it does make me think snow and I can already picture a fun Christmas manicure with this stuff over some bright red. Had to employ a dabbing method to disperse the glitter evenly and even so it kept going everywhere as you can see in my slightly sad looking swatch above.
Unlike the previous three, Ignite the Night is entirely all fine glitter that is silver and black. To achieve the full glitter coverage I applied one coat normally and then did some dabbing when that coat was dry to fill in the gaps. I think these would make fun accent nails but I can't imagine wanting so much sparkle all over..unless it was New Years.
This one is similar to the OPI liquid sands however I must say it feels like a black caviar finish, it is so luxurious and chic. Belugaria is a black base with hexagonal glitter that really give it some dimension. I put on one coat followed by some dabbing to get some of that lovely glitter on top. Pictures don't do it justice, however it does have a very rough and chunky finish but that can easily be fixed with a top coat for those who are not into that. The polish will be very thick though since you need that dabbing to get that glitter in there.
Lots of Lux is definitely the jewel of this collection. A beautiful blue glitter that goes on opaque full of shimmer with just two coats and dries to a nice grainy texture. I'm absolutely in love and can see myself wearing this plenty. If you're looking to buy just one, get this one!!

Overall it was a nice wearable glitter collection, the darker colors did stain my nails so definitely don't skip the base coat on this collection. Was I super excited and awed by this collection? No. There are definitely a few I wouldn't have picked up if I was able to swatch them first but I'm still happy to have them at hand.

Have you tried this collection yet? Which colors are you most excited about?

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