Thursday, November 7, 2013

Review: Essie Winter 2013 Collection

My nails are actually crying right now from these swatches, but I think it was worth it. Sorry some of the swatches are a little messy, I did have a slight struggle with the darker shades. Today I am sharing with you my thoughts on the Essie Winter 2013 collection, Shearling Darling including swatches! I must say I originally only intended to buy two of the colors due to the fact that the last few collections haven't been so great in quality, but after I found a deal which got me the whole set for $20, basically how much three of these polishes normally retail for, I decided to go for it and I must say Essie has finally stepped up their game because these are six truly phenomenal polishes.

Parka Perfect makes me think of Rock the Boat from this year's summer collection, but a more grey blue. This color is a beautiful color with some shimmer in it. It went on great with just two coats.

This color reminds me of Smokin' Hot, one of my favorite Essie colors, with the addition of a deep maroon shimmer to it. Sable Collar really shimmers in the sunlight shifting between maroon, slight grey, and a rich a chocolate brown. It is absolutely gorgeous and applies wonderfully and completely opaque with two coats.

Mind Your Mittens is a wonderfully glossy dark navy blue, extremely trendy for Winter and it looks this good without a top coat! I must say that sometimes it does look little teal to me (like it does in this picture) but I promise you it really is navy! This one applied brilliantly and looked beautiful with just one coat.

The namesake of the collection, Shearling Darling, and it applies like a dream. While the color is nothing special, just a typical oxblood, it is a perfect color for fall/winter. While it is passable at one coat, I did two coats to achieve a rich, darker color. Sorry this swatch especially turned out looking freaky like my finger was bleeding, this was just the last one I did and it just became a struggle.

This summer I really started loving lavender nails, but this shade, Warm & Toasty Turtleneck, with some grey in it that gives it a dusty effect makes it wearable into winter months. This is beautiful with two coats that were not streaky as lighter colors tend to apply and is definitely a color I will be reaching for more to brighten up dark outfits.

Despite being the polish with the trickiest application this one was definitely the favorite in the bunch. Toggle to the Top is a deep oxblood base with ruby red micro glitter that sit evenly all over your nail. Like all glitters it had a more jelly and therefore gloopier base and I did find that it would clump up with just one coat. However it was completely opaque with just one coat, but I added a second coat just to even it out. This is definitely one color you need a top coat with to actually achieve a smooth finish, you can see in the swatch the slight chunkiness where I didn't use a top coat.

Overall this collection was pretty solid, after a disastrous last few collections, this one really improved in consistency in formula and the colors are gorgeous and so wearable. One downfall I have found is that these polishes all chip very easily for me. With or without a top coat, I have been finding that within just 3-4 days there is some chipping. 
Which colors are you loving from this collection?

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