Thursday, November 28, 2013

Splurge or Save?

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Everyday we are faced with the decisions of whether to spend 99 cents on that eyeliner or 20 dollar. Having had the privilege to try out an array of products I would like to share with you today which products I think are worth it to splurge on, and those that you would be better off saving your money on. So without further rambling let's dive straight into this list.
  • Primer = splurge. This is the first product you will be putting on your face, so I believe it is beneficial to go for a more high end brand that will really adhere all that makeup to your face without breaking you out.
  • Foundation = splurge. I love me some drugstore foundation but with my strangely tan yet olivey-yellow skin, I need to turn to high end brands to be able to find my exact shade without having to mix three different colors together. Definitely worth the extra money for access to a wider range of colors.
  • Concealer = splurge. I have yet to find a drugstore concealer that will not budge from trouble areas, especially if it is oily, so I say spend spend spend on a good concealer that will effectively cover up all day, and at the same time not break me out more if it's some acne I'm trying to hide.
  • Blush save. Drugstores have got this category locked up, there is a huge selection of colors and finishes that going for that $30 blush seems pointless.
  • Bronzer = save. Same idea as the blush.
  • Highlighter = splurge. To get those beautiful opal or rose gold highlights, right now you have no choice but to go the pricey route, however I do feel like it is worth it because the perfect highlighter really has a way of bathing your face in candlelight and making you glow.
  • Eyeshadow  = mixed. I couldn't choose one side for this, I've found clear winners in both categories so my advice here is just to follow the pigmentation wherever it takes you.
  • Brows = splurge. Eyebrows really are the frame for the face so go ahead and treat yourself when it comes to good pencil or powder to shape and fill in these beauties. Drugstores are also limited in the selection of color when it comes to brow and when drawing this out you really need that precise shade for the natural look you're going for.
  • Mascara save. A mascara needs to be changed every three months and I just have a hard times justifying continuously doing this to a $30+ tube. They are also a hotbed for germs and infections so sometimes you find yourself tossing them even sooner.
  • Pencil Liner = save. There are so many solid dupes out there in the drugstore now I can't justify the need to spend more than $5 on a daily staple.
  • Liquid Liner save. Same idea as the pencil liner, with the added thought of the potential of drying up quickly.
  • Powder = splurge. Powder is primer's best friend, once you have your face stuck on, now it's time to envelope it in a hug by setting it with powder. Doing your research and picking out a pricier powder will really help hold your makeup in place as well as keeping you shine free all day.
  • Lip Liner = save. There are so many colors with excellent quality out there these days, as an item that won't get nearly as much attention in your collection as others, it is better to save on these.
  • Lipstick = mixed. Same idea with the eyeshadows, just go with the color.
  • Lip Gloss = save. For something that gets goopy and kind of gross quickly, better to save.
  • Nail Polish = save. It is nearly impossible for someone to finish up a bottle before it dries out, save yourself that $20 on designer nail polish and stick to cheaper brands which often carries a wider range of colors and extras.
Moral of the story: anything that comes in a wet/liquid formula definitely save on it. Why? These things have a tendency to dry up way faster than you can use them of course. That being said I honestly do find that there are comparable or better alternatives for everything in the drugstore if you're looking to save some money, but if you are someone who likes to mix luxury with thriftiness, this is a good general list to keep in mind what is worthwhile to splurge on. Happy shopping!

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