Wednesday, December 18, 2013

An Ode to Eyeshadow Sticks

While I adore cream and powder eyeshadows, nothing compares to an eyeshadow stick when I find myself running late, which is often. A few quick swipes and you can have an effortless eye look complete, and they are excellent for lining the lower lash line when you want a smokey eye effect. There's no danger of fall out so it's virtually mess free, so those days where it's really bad you can just grab a few colors to go and apply in the parking lot when you get there. The most versatile of the colors that I have is definitely the white, in a pinch it can act as a base on my eyelids, the highlight for both my brow bone and cheeks, as well as lining my waterline and dabbing onto the inner corners for the really wide eyed look. So far my collection consists of three brands: Nyx, Jordana and BH Cosmetics, with all three falling in the $2-$5 category per stick. Whether it is a shimmer or a matte shade I do find that eyeshadow sticks across the board apply smoothly in beautiful creamy shades. These really are great everyday alternatives for when you just don't have time to blend out and define using traditional shadows where you need to spend longer layering colors to get the seamless transitions between shades. I find it much easier to use these sticks and either with a brush or even just a finger to gently smudge out the harsh line between colors to achieve that flawless transition. Even when I'm miraculously on time in the mornings, I still find myself reaching for these guys more and more often.

Of the brands I own, I highly recommend the Nyx ones. I buy mine from Nordstrom however they can also be found at Target, Ulta and probably a lot more stores that I am not aware of. Nyx has a wide range of colors, I focused mostly on two nude-y neutral shades, but I find that they apply the best with no creasing as long as you applied a base on your eyelids. The Jordana I find can sometimes be a little difficult to blend out with a brush so definitely stick to your finger with that one. I think I will be purchasing a white from Nyx once this one runs out on me. The swatches below demonstrates the beautiful creaminess and pigmentation that you consistently find from eyeshadow sticks. This phenomenal color payoff is achieved through just two layers of color and it is tough to find this consistency among other types of eyeshadows.
My only complaint that comes with these sticks is the fact that sharpening them can be quite a pain in the butt and sometimes it can be difficult to find a sharpener that will accommodate this size. Nonetheless I love these sticks for their ease of application, how mess free it is, and the beautiful pigmentation that is guaranteed.

What do you think about eyeshadow sticks? Any gripes or praise you have for them?

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