Friday, December 6, 2013

Does It Work?? Smooth Away

I find that using a razor leaves me with razor bumps and an increase of ingrown hairs so I have been seeking at alternative that would get the job done and smooth out my legs. Enter the As Seen On TV product Smooth Away! Instead of purchasing the kit in stories I actually ordered it offline a deal that came with the large and small size pads along with 50 refill pads for each size. The instructions say to use the larger size for legs and armpits, and the smaller size for facial hair and other places such as knees for better precision. The pads have some sort of magical crystal things that painlessly buffs away hair and also dead skin leaving you with smooth and hair free legs. Think exfoliant with hair removing power for your legs. Taking the pad you rub it against an area for about three circles one way and then three circles the other way and now you are awarded with a nice smooth patch.

I'll admit I was skeptical, but I scored all this stuff for $5 so I thought why not let's try it out. I was very surprised and delighted to find that this indeed works! It really did buff away the hair on my legs and has drastically improved the overall smoothness of the skin. So far I have seen no sign of hair growing back thicker and more rapidly, in fact I really have seen a significant reduction of hair, I feel like less of it grows back at a slower rate. It is quite time consuming to do this, about ten minutes per leg for me, but I find if I do this while watching TV I barely even notice, because this isn't an activity that requires your full attention.

I have read reviews stating that this will not work with with thicker hair, but I have naturally fine and sparse hairs on my legs so I have not had a problem with this working for me. Definitely follow up your buffing with a good moisturizing regime to really lock in that luscious silkiness. I have tried it once on my upper lip and I just have to say be very careful with your face. While it did an excellent and painless job of removing the hairs, apparently I pressed a little too hard because I was rewarded with slightly red and irritated skin that was flaky and peeling four about three days after.

I hear that you can find this kit at Dollar Tree stores, so I say if you're interested after reading this review go take a look because for a dollar, why not give it a try.

Have you ever used Smooth Away? What are your experiences with it?

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