Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ins & Outs #2


  • Tea. You guys I have a serious juice addiction. And I'm not talking about that healthy juicing with all the fresh vegetables and fruits, but the store bought stuff that is 50% sugar and 50% preservatives. In an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle because I just cannot bring myself to say no to french fries, I have replaced my sugary/flavored drinking needs with some delicious healthy tea! It's helpful to do this now as there are a bunch of vanilla and sweet holiday teas out now for the season which is helping the transition greatly. I must say I've been doing very well, I did have a few bad days of craving for something with a little bit more flavor but this just leads me to the next thing...
  • Almond Milk! I'm by no means a milk drinker, I have a slight lactose intolerance that makes drinking straight up milk an unfortunate situation for everyone, so enter my latest delicious discovery: Vanilla Almond Milk. This stuff is so good that I drink it by itself sometimes. But I LOVE adding this to my vanilla flavored teas (or even some herbal teas that are just to herb-y for me) and it just tastes heavenly. I've also been making some hot chocolate with this stuff and it is just genius. Hot chocolate seems to go against my sugar decreasing however it makes sense because I'm trying to burn through some hoarding habits which leads to...(I know everything is connected lately)
  • Minimalism (kind of). I've been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing lately and found that I have quite a stockpile of stuff that I just don't touch. So I've taken up the habit of trying to use things up, which includes drinking through about 20 packets of hot chocolate, but more importantly this extends more in skincare and shower stuff. I've discovered the upwards of 5 identical bottles of facial moisturizer in varying degrees of use that I have made my mission to use up. Same goes with a great variety of facial cleansers, body washes, and miscellaneous hair care products. I like my bathroom looking really minimalist and neat, so as a way to get myself to use this stuff up I have placed everything out on the counters and ledges to encourage myself to mix it up and grab for those. I must say it is working and look forward to my bi-monthly empties post for the weirdest mix of stuff ever.
  • Holiday movies. I had to throw this one in. With the dipping temperatures and snuggling up in bed with a warm cup of a tea I'm so grateful of Netflix with the recent vomit of holiday themed movies. My top two that I just need to mention has to be Polar Express and Love Actually, I can just watch them on a loop and be happy for the rest of my life. But then Polar Express would also drive me to drink a ton of hot chocolate.
  • Reading. For awhile I got sucked into TV and became obsessed with watching entire series on repeat. I think again it's the cold weather and rain because I've rekindled my love for reading. Recently I just finished The Eyes of Mind by James Dashner and I'm so frustrated that the second book doesn't come out for a whole year. But I've been revisiting some old favorites and I'm on the hunt for some new series, give me some suggestions!
  • Candy Crush. Yup I'm one of those people. I'm thrilled that there was finally a new update that was more than one episode long so now I'm hooked again crushing those pesky candies. I'm not even going to admit what level I'm on because it is definitely a cause for concern over my mental state (and social life).


  • School! Finally done with my class I've been taking and I am so thrilled.
  • Pedicures. Despite wearing boots and flats, all day everyday, I have still attempted to keep up with my toes. I think it is finally time to admit defeat and accept that these little piggies will be hidden away from admiring eyes until the return of sandals weather which thoroughly depresses me because nail polish is sadly so integral in my life. Oh well, until spring my friends.

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