Monday, December 9, 2013

Lazy Girl's Guide: Quick Makeup

Sometimes Everyday when I wake up in the morning, I'd much rather stay a few minutes longer in my warm bed which inevitably causes me to run late and have to rush to get out the door. I know better than to leave the house sans makeup where I will terrify people with how tired I look, so in a pinch there are a few items I am sure to always reach for and can be applied in minutes to create an effortless and wide awake look.

  • First up is my BB Cream. Easy solution to moisturizing and producing an even skin tone while also providing me with some SPF. 30 seconds
  • They say the eyebrows are the frame to the face and I fully believe in neat and filled in brows really makes it seem like you tried in the morning and results in a more polished look. In a pinch a brow pencil can also function as a liner for your lash line if you find yourself with extra time to apply it. 1 minute
  • While I can willingly skip eyeshadow and eyeliner, mascara is definitely a necessary step. When applied thickly, the defined lashes helps open up your eye and can mimic the effect of a dark eyeliner. Top lashes are important to hit, bottom lashes not so much but that is totally up to you. Pick a mascara that can combine length, volume and curling. 30 seconds
  • A white eyeshadow applied to the inner corners of the eye as well as swept onto your brow bone can be done with just a finger and instantly brightens your eye and makes you look more put together with added highlights to your face. Pickr a shadow that is fairly matte to give a more natural finish so you don't need to compete with the potential of glittery fall out all over your face. 10 seconds
  • The last thing I always reach for is a lip and cheek stain, which will do double duty adding a flush to my cheeks so I look more alive and less zombie, and also color to my lips. 30 seconds
And there you go! Ready in less than three minutes with a face that can conquer both UV rays and the day. It's a good idea to keep this arsenal of products organized close to each other to maximize efficiency in the morning, also to keep some makeup remover wipes at hand so you can just wipe off anything you may apply with your hands off if there isn't a sink handy. This routine is simple enough that it can be applied even on the run because it takes very little precision and no extra tools to create. Stay tuned for some Lazy Girl outfit ideas that when used in conjunction with this method can get you from the bed to out the door in ten minutes or less!

What are some of your must haves for makeup that you can't step out the door without?

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