Thursday, December 12, 2013

Lazy Girl's Guide: Quick Outfits

Everyone has those days where getting dressed just seems like such an unnecessary effort. I have come up a solution for those lazy girl days: throw out those tabloids and embrace the use of leggings as pants. Hang on, before people's go up in arms to storm my home and those who immediately take it literally and start rocking the crop top and leggings look, there are ground rules to be set down to make this potentially trashy look tasteful.

1. Look for a pair of fairly thick leggings with a nice strong stretch to them. Basically if it feels like a t-shirt, that's a definite no. Personally I am a fan of the ones that can be found at Target, just the Mossimo brand, they come in a variety of lengths with a thick band at the waist which I like to believe nips me in a bit.
2. Please be mindful of the type of underwear you put on that morning, that's all I'm going to say.
3. As a general rule, if you're wearing something loose fitting and flowing that minimum of coverage is halfway down your bum, if it's tight three quarters down. The front should always be covered on your bottom half, nobody wants to see that stuff.

Embracing legging as pants makes for some very comfortable and easy outfits as often those leggings were apart of my sleep attire making it one less item of clothing to swap out in the morning, but nobody needs to know that. I've put together three different outfits featuring leggings, keep in mind that I do live in California where the low for winter is roughly 60 degrees, and also I spend most of my time indoors during the day. These outfits can all be easily modified for colder weather with the addition of a heavier coat over them or a different selection of footwear. Shout out to Polyvore which I used to create these fun outfit collages!

Outfit 1 takes a favorite summer staple of mine, a printed muscle tank mixed with a flannel thrown on top. I believe in versatility when it comes to your wardrobe so I never see a problem with mixing in summer clothing into other seasons as long as it is incorporated thoughtfully. To finish off this casual and slightly country western concert look I have paired it with some grey ankle booties and a white scarf. 

Outfit 2 is a winter classic of a chunky sweater and boots. The big pieces in my outfit, namely the sweater and knee high boots I have picked neutral dark colors so that way I can pair it with brightly colored and/or patterned scarves to bring interest into the outfit. I also like to wear an additional tank top in a neutral color under the sweater just to ensure that extra coverage and added dimension to the outfit.

Outfit 3 really plays with the versatility of your wardrobe as it brings a nighttime piece to a daytime look. Taking one of those simple bandage tube dresses that isn't crazy with ribbing or cutouts and wear it as a tube top during the day. This can be achieved by kind of pulling at the dress around the waist and under the bust to get it to bunch up slightly and shorten it. I promise you that this is a very flattering and slimming look on most everyone. Pair this outfit with ballet flats and finish it off with a cardigan and you're out the door.

Are you convinced that it is acceptable to wear leggings as pants? What are some of your favorite lazy girl outfits?

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