Monday, December 23, 2013

Makeup Hacks

We all have them. Those little tips and tricks we use to help extend the life of our cosmetics, or just to make our lives more easy when painting on those faces. While I may have an uncontrollable makeup buying addiction, I like to believe that I am still smart when it comes to working with all I have. Here are a few hacks I like to employ to add versatility or save time that not everyone thinks of to do.

  • Extending the life of your mascara. Don't you hate it when you get to the point in your mascara's life where it's kinda almost dried up, but not really, however using it gives you massive disgusting clumps? Seriously the easiest fix to this (especially if it's that expensive splurge that is killing you to toss without using up every last bit), wipe that brush off! This removes all that dried up product that is just chilling your mascara wand that just transfers onto your lashes gunking it up. Wiping off the brush is also an easy way to tell if your mascara is used up which is a huge problem I have sometimes.
  • Set your eye shadows and make them more vibrant at the same time. You know that setting spray you use on your face after your makeup? Next time spritz it onto your eye shadow brushes before loading up on that shadow and it helps to not only set your look for the night but also the liquid helps make the colors really pop and be more vibrant on your lid.
  • Use BB cream as what it's made for! The whole idea of a BB cream is that it combines a bunch of steps so why not use it as a primer for your favorite foundation?? A good lightweight BB cream serves as a great primer, as well as provides some light coverage that really helps your foundation do its job.
  • Turn any pencil liner into liquid. Turn your hairdryer on high and blast it onto any pencil liner, those kohl sharpening required ones work best, for ten seconds and apply before it has too much time to cool off for a delightfully creamy and dark line, comparable to a liquid liner.
  • Multi-task with your foundations. That darker shade you use in summer is the perfect color to contour with during winter, and that pale winter color makes for a great highlighter in the summer. In general I love using foundations for highlighting and contouring because they are less expensive (a decent drugstore brand won't burn a hole in your pocket) and longer lasting than most highlighters and bronzers out there.
What are some of your favorite makeup hack tips?

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