Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 2013 UNfavorites

Going along with my not wearing makeup, nor experimenting (despite my retail therapy), this month has been an all time low for unfavorites too. With just three on my hit list this month it's making me at least feel like I'm becoming a smarter shopper...
  • Batiste Hint of Color Dry Shampoo in Dark & Deep Brown. I don't understand why everyone is so crazy over this stuff. It leaves my hair not looking clean, like you know when you sweat a lot and then your hair dries and it's left in those really unnatural chunks that move as one solid mass? Yeah that's what happens. Also the hint of color, it's not a hint. If I accidentally get some of this stuff on my face, it's a nice brown mark, which also gets all over my hands if I ever run them through my hair, and any poor victim's clothes if I ever decide to head butt them. I really wish I bought the small size to try first because I'm dreading finishing this up.
  • Buxom Full on Lip Polish in Dolly. This actually hurts me to list this here because I love this color, applicator, formula, just about everything BUT I am allergic to this and therefore it has to go onto the unfavorites list. A shame really, but no more Buxom products for me. The stabbing prickling feeling on my legs and bright red itchy spots all over my hands is not worth it.
  • Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Scrub. This one is a surprise because the first time I used it I loved it. I received a sample of this in my Ipsy bag, used it once and loved it, but then shelfed it knowing I would be travelling for Thanksgiving and deciding I would save it to bring along then for convenience. Now I must say after using it exclusively morning and night for four days, while the cleanser itself still does its job quite well, the smell I just can't stand. For some reason smells very strongly of ginger which is a scent I absolutely hate and I find myself gagging as I wash my face.

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