Monday, January 6, 2014

Mani Monday #2: butter London

On our second installment of Mani Monday, this week I put butter London nail polishes to the test! These retail for around $14, definitely more on the high end of things, and I own about 10 different shades so I will be able to provide some insight into the general quality of the polishes and not just this particular color. If you didn't catch this series last week I did a feature on Essie nail polishes and got some impressive results. For those who are tuning in for the first time, Mani Monday is a weekly feature where I put a different brand of nail polish to a 7 day test. I chronicle my activities for each day with thoughts of things that could potentially attribute to chipping my polish. This polish is a lovely dusty brownish rose(I know I suck at describing colors and it looks brick red/brown in the pictures because of the yellow lighting) by the name of Toff. I used the same OPI Nail Strengthening base coat, followed by just one coat of Toff (this stuff was so buttery and nice I didn't need a second one), and finished with one coat of OPI Top Coat. Much cleaner application this time, so let's just get right into my week!

Day One. Sorry my life isn't that interesting. I literally spent all day in bed, took three GRE practice tests, followed by playing the Sims (I'm a dork I know), and then spent some time blocking out posts and thinking up some new ideas. Nothing I did really endangered my nails.

Day Two. Bad news bears, I can already seen signs of wearing at the tips. No major chips yet. Today typing. That's going to be the majority of my days really, I mean if I'm not at work I'm usually writing some sort of post or something. There was some hair washing today too. No chips yet, but there is that slight wear I noted, unfortunately I can't point that out in the pictures though.

Day Three. There's definitely noticeable wearing on my left, index, middle and ring finger at the tips. Almost as if the polish is being pushed back. The glare and the shine from the polish makes it really hard to see, so just trust me when I say this and try to imagine it! There was some danger today, I opened some plastic wrapped packages and did a lot of organizing...and you guessed it typing because I was at work.

Day Four. There's definitely a little chip on my the thumb on my right hand. Sorry it's really hard to see in the picture especially because it's always hard to position my thumb, but it's on the right side of the nail. I suspect this is from excavating a cup out of a mountain of dishes in the dishwasher this morning. I suspect the wearing at the tips is from typing because naturally I did a lot of that today and a chip has formed on my middle finger on my left hand.

Day Five. Am I chewing my nails in my sleep or something? I woke up this morning and there were two new chips on my left hand, on the pointer finger and on the ring finger. How that happened, I'm not quite sure either. More typing so more wearing. Discovered a chip on my right hand index finger when I got home as well as some little chips on my left hand thumb. Also washed my hair today. Nails definitely got dragged through the war zone today and it shows.

Day Six. Not looking good for butter at all. All the chips seem to be getting worse which is unfortunate because the application and color is just beautiful. Some notable changes is the index finger on my left and right hand. I'm noticing definite wear on all my nails, particularly the middle three fingers. All I did today was take the GRE which involved a little typing, but mostly pointing and clicking my mouse, followed by a movie marathon and just falling asleep.

Day Seven. Seriously what am I doing in my sleep?? I woke up and my nails were chipped like crazy. I don't think I even need to really point it out because the pictures really speak volumes. Index, middle, and ring fingers on my left hand are so ridiculously chipped that under normal cirumstances I would have already filled them in, or just taken the polish off. There are two chips on my right hand thumb now, and index finger on that hand has gotten a lot worse. I really didn't do anything threatening to my nails today, mostly running some errands and watched a movie, so I can confidently say it's the poor quality of the nail polish itself that is leading to this chipping.

Final Thoughts. Honestly I've always found butter to be highly inconsistent. Some of them like this one is a beautiful consistency that glides on like a dream with just one coat, but others are a clumpy mess. For $14, I would expect more consistent quality. Clearly this chipped real fast, and there was that wearing away I mentioned. I feel like for some reason this nail polish never felt like it dried completely, it always felt a little soft even though I followed the same protocol of letting the polish dry overnight while I slept so I think something was funky about that formula. I give this one a grade of B-, some points for the ease of application but a lot taken off for not lasting more than 3 days and the rapid rate of deterioration, but there I have definitely had worse experiences before. This is just not a brand I would suggest in general, you never know what you're getting and more often than not I find that they chip like crazy. Unless you're like me who switches up their polish pretty much every other day (I get bored!) don't expect this stuff to be long wearing.

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