Tuesday, January 14, 2014

NYNS: My Juice Cleanse Experience

This one is a slightly different NYNS installment, instead of offering some tips I thought I would share my experience with something new and that is my dip into juicing! Basically I got it into my head that I wanted to try a one day juice cleanse (despite the epic failure that was my last cleanse "diet") but in the hopes of finding a juice I would actually like thought I'd just go for it.

For this one day juice program I will be following there are six juices, one juice every two hours, and a big cup of water after every single juice. This is the site I consulted for all of my juice recipes, just trying every one of those juices in one day. I'm hoping at the end of the day I can at least feel healthier and hopefully find at least one recipe that I like enough to drink more on a normal basis.

Prep Work. The night before was spent chopping and separating all the ingredients into gallon bags so the next day I could just toss it into the blender and go. Before anyone gets up in arms about doing this ahead of time, I am aware that nutrients escaped during this part of the process but honestly I wouldn't have been able to try this out if I didn't do the work ahead of time. In total it took 2 hours to get everything all ready to go and into the fridge.

9:30 AM. I woke up and drank my cup of warm water and lemon juice and immediately started craving food right away. Great start to the day.

10:00 AM. First juice of the day. Morning Glory. I'm slightly wary of this because I'm really not a fan of cucumbers however I was surprised I liked this one. It mostly tasted like apples with a hint of cucumber, I did get the occasional taste of ginger which I wasn't a fan of but this wasn't too hard to stomach. Also made way too much juice so had nearly 30 ml of this first one.

11:30 AM. Watching TV while doing this is not helping. I crave fried chicken and pizza real bad now. My answer to that has been to just chug some water and keep watching football.

12:00 PM. Despite the really scary green color of this one (Jolt Juice), it was much easier to drink without the ginger in it. This one tasted purely of apple and I liked it much better. Feeling quite alert, not sure if it's because I had a really good night's sleep or the juice, but either way despite my craving for salt and chewing, we're doing good.

12:40 PM. Started getting a slight headache I think it's from all the sugar. Again the answer is to drink more water and press on for the next juice.

2:00 PM. Sorry if I sound like a DQ but I want to chew something SO badly. Juice three I was quite wary of this one (Mean Green) which was all veggies plus an apple, and it was definitely the worse. It tasted sour with a strong after thought of ginger, this one was very difficult to drink. Headache is persisting, I don't think I'm drinking enough water, so need to step up my game on that.

2:21 PM. I'm so close to throwing in the towel, but halfway through it and getting determined to finished it. Decided to lie down for a bit and hopefully strengthen my resolve until the next juice.

3:37 PM. Woke up from a nap and just feel so sad about this. The sugar seems to have evacuated my body and now my head is hurting and I feel exhausted.

4:00 PM. Bruschetta Tang tasted like I was drinking pesto. Not sure how I feel about that exactly, but I feel like it tricked my stomach into thinking I was eating something and not just sucking down more sugar.

6:00 PM. This one (Sunset Passion) tastes like dirt. The tears are real now.

6:34 PM. Surprisingly I'm starting to feel better. More energized and positive about this whole experience. Probably because the thought of just one more juice is helping me power through.

8:00 PM. Green Machine, you look so unappetizing to me but tasted surprisingly refreshing. Happy to finally be done with this day, slightly traumatized when it comes to liquids but happy I managed to stick it out and complete it (despite wanting to quit after the second juice).

Take Away Points. First of all I just really want to touch on how shocked I was at how inexpensive this all was. I bought enough ingredients for two people to do this cleanse, so essentially 12 juices for the completely reasonable price of $60! However with the prep work that was required I can see why people are willing to pay hundreds of dollars to get it delivered, but I must say that myth of buying juices costing the same as buying all those veggies for your own juicing, totally debunked. Will I be doing this on a regular basis? Probably not, but maybe doing a less intense one day cleanse once a month is an option. I did feel great the next day, not bloated and energetic (before my first cup of tea!) so I definitely am buying into the benefits of juicing, that combined with it got me to ingest a LOT of vegetables I normally wouldn't touch.

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