Thursday, January 23, 2014

NYNS: Spend Less, Get More

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Disclaimer: This post is by no means sponsored, I am not gaining anything from mentioning these programs. These are just some things I have discovered to help support my makeup buying addiction that work for me.
This week on NYNS, we explore the world of little tips to help save money when it comes to makeup. It's no secret that makeup is insanely expensive so I am here to offer tips to those out there who can't help be keep buying. There are dozens of tricks out there of making your makeup do double duty, or lay in wait and pounce on sales, I am taking a different approach and just laying down some thoughts on how you can just shop smarter and save a little money 365 days in the year.

  • Ebates is truly magical. It's a site where when you click through to retailers they implant a cookie on your browser that allows them to account for your shopping (not as creepy as it sounds) and then they pay you back for your shopping! Typically you can find at least an 8% cash back on sites such as Sephora, Ulta, and which is essentially you earning back your tax! I've seen up to 50% cash back on some sites, so this is definitely a free program worth looking into it! If you already plan on making those purchases doesn't hurt to get a couple bucks back just for clicking a link. It's also a good source for coupons and I must say from personal experience that their customer service is fantastic, something that is quite rare these days.
  • Sign up for the reward program wherever you can. Especially Sephora and Ulta for your makeup purchases, you get points with every purchase which can be redeemed for free deluxe samples! Personally I believe you can live off samples, if anything it gives you a chance to try out a wide range of products before you invest the money into a full sized version. Also it doesn't hurt to ask for samples, that pricey Chanel foundation you've been eyeing? Go ahead and ask for a sample that you can try out before committing!
  • The world is truly turning greener these days and many beauty stores such as Kiehl'sMAC and Lush (just to name a few) offer recycling programs where you can trade in empty containers for free products! MAC offers you a free lipstick ($15 retail!) of your choice when you bring in any six empty containers! Do some research into your favorite brands, you never know which ones can score you some free products until you look.
  • If you don't have the app Shopkick yet on your phone, go and download it right now! This app gives you kicks (read: points) for simply walking into (and sometimes just past) stores, and these kicks can be redeemed for gift cards and a whole array of goodies. The concept of this app is to drive foot traffic into brick and mortar establishments and it awards shoppers with these kicks by use of GPS locating on your phone. You also have the opportunity to earn more kicks by scanning items in stores, or simply perusing the digital look books in the app. For the frequent mall-goer, or something that works retail this is a great way to earn yourself some free gift cards by just walking!
  • We've all heard about clothing swaps, but something that not many people have considered is a makeup swap! Call up some friends and mix up some cocktails and have everyone bring makeup to contribute to the pile! Make sure to provide rubbing alcohol to sterilize all powdery products (blushes, bronzers, eye shadows, powders, etc.) as well as sharpeners to clean up all pencil products and tissues for lipsticks. Note that used mascaras and lip glosses are impossible to sterilize so encourage guests to leave those at home. This is a great way to spend some time with friends and at the same time swap some of your old products for some new ones to test out. I don't know about you but a foolproof way for me to get happy on one of those tough days is trying out a new product, take any leftover makeup to a Women's Shelter and you can see about donating it there to brighten up someone else's day! Just be sure that everything is clean and sterilized before you drop it off.
What are some of your tried and true tips to help support your makeup addiction? 

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