Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review: Essie Resort Fling 2014 Collection

Are we all so excited for my 'creative' photo set designs?? This collection really put me in the beach mood so I'm going to start making more of an effort to make my pictures more appealing annnd I may actually start using a real SLR instead of my iPhone (which I must say does quite a nice job anyways)!
The reviews for this collection haven't been great, but I couldn't resist not doing a review, enter mini bottles! I purchased this cube for $13 off Amazon in order to bring you this review on the Essie Resort Fling 2014 collection. Full sized bottles will run you $8.50 each in salons and beauty stores, so I thought this cube was quite the deal. Right off the bat the colors aren't something I was crazy about, they were nice colors but very pedestrian (read on and see how I change my hand!). I was most intrigued by the cantaloupe-y/orange creamsicle shade, that is this collection's namesake, as it was a pretty color that would be lovely year round. We are doing three finger swatches today, the thought of subjecting my poor chemically assaulted nails to more polish was just too horrible.

First up is Resort Fling. This is a beautiful creamy cantaloupe-esque cream finished lacquer. What sets this apart from typical peach shades is the slight pinky coral notes. This stuff is very sheer and a little tricky to work with. It took three thin coats and it was imperative to let each coat dry completely before applying the next otherwise it would smudge like crazy.
Next is Cocktails & Coconuts which I think is the best name ever. This is a beautiful sandy beige with a shimmer to this. I've been loving these beiges lately and this one will definitely be a favorite when I want a more conservative manicure. For the picture I applied two thin coats one right after the other, I could have gotten away with just one coat since the color and shimmer was beautiful that way, the second coat definitely did away with some of the shimmer.
Now I am slightly wary of these lighter blue polishes however Find Me An Oasis just screams luxury resort to me. Imagine this milky white with a slight powder blue sheen contrasting a nice bronzey tan and those tropically loud towels that resorts are famous for. This was by far the trickiest to work with. First thin coat was very streaky then it took some dabbing into the streaks followed by another thin coat to achieve this (messy) opaque look.
Finally Under The Twilight is just a gorgeous indigo that hits more of an aubergine note for me than blue. I imagine this being the color of a tropical sky at midnight, that lovely deep purple unpolluted by city lights. This was the indisputable winner of the quad, this color was beautifully creamy and opaque with just one coat! It's showing up much more black in pictures.

Overall I felt there wasn't anything too unique about the individual collections, but as a whole does transport me into a resort mood, with visions of sandy beaches and daiquiris. Essie did a wonderful job capturing the spirit of a resort in every aspect possible. The formula was so-so definitely an improvement from their horrible 2013 Summer collection but not nearly as consistent as their last few. This collection will hit stores next month. Anyone planning on picking up a bottle or two?

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