Thursday, January 16, 2014

Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Powder

Life Lesson of the Day: Rimmel is NOT sold at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I drove there all excited because they always have stocked shelves since not a lot of people are aware that they sell cosmetics there now, but after combing the shelves, not one Rimmel product! In the end I found this guy at Walgreens. Basically I've heard a lot of good stuff about the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder I was eager to put it to the test. Unfortunately there is limit color choices that ranged in the lighter pinky shades so I had to settle with the transparent option.

So my first adventure in using this product was the second I bought it I immediately rushed home, blotted my face and then using a sponge applicator pressed it on all over my face. Instantly my face became matte. I was impatient to wait to see if that slight whiteness would dissipate so I used bronzer on my face and I was loving the results. My pores looked smaller and my skin looked smooth and silky. Then the next time I realized the white cast was due to me not buffing the powder into my skin after I applied it (I have my moments) and after that it was fantastic and flawless.
I performed an oil blotting test the first sheet is from my skin after 8 hours with nothing on it but moisturizer. No powder, no foundation, no nothing. As you can see it is disgusting and the entire sheet is completely soaked through with oil. This sheet was placed directly on my forehead and allowed to just soak for a bit. The next sheet is from the same place after 8 hours with just the powder pressed into my skin. There's a drastic difference between the amount of oil produced and I am quite pleased with the results. With bare face you can see how completely saturated the sheet is with oil, the other one that has been powdered you can see there is still some oil but not nearly as much as the other one.

I've used this powder under, over and without any other kind of face product and have found that it performed solidly and the same in every instant. I say 5 solid hours you are guaranteed completely matte and touch-ably dry (as in not oily) skin and after that I have worn it up to 10 hours without a touch up where my face still looked perfectly matte but it did start to feel a little greasy. So overall I think this is a great product that will have you LOOKING matte all day long and FEELING matte for the majority of the day.
My only complaints about this product is the packaging! First of all it does not come with a sponge or any type of applicator, thankfully I had some extra sponges that I pulled out of some bronzers I have (seriously if you apply your bronzer with a sponge please let me know how that works because I just can't fathom how this is practical) so that became a non issue for me. However the lid does not stay on AT ALL. I wanted a powder to be able to bring with me for touch-ups throughout the day and this is definitely not ideal. I remedied this by wrapping a hair elastic around the container, but I would love it if Rimmel would revamp this design.

Have you tried this product before? What's your favorite mattifying powder?

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