Friday, January 24, 2014

UnBoxing Match! January 2014 Ipsy vs. Birchbox

(Sorry for that weird yellow lighting I don't know what was going on) What the heck Birchbox?? Why are you always so slow now?? Originally planned to have this up a week ago but Birchbox took soo long to get here, apparently going for a trip all around the bay is the new shipping route?! This makes no sense to me whatsoever. But thank you to both for redeeming yourselves this month because seriously what happened last month?! Anyways onto the most exciting time of the month, subscription box time!!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these services, Ipsy and Birchbox are two beauty subscription boxes that come monthly. Both of these cost $10 a month and each arrive with 5-6 different goodies ranging from sad little foil packets to full size products!

Initial Reaction: Eh, this bag looks like something I could get from the dollar store (smells chemically too). But I did need an electronics bag for wires and stuff so this will do (I seriously use every single one of my Ipsy bags for something). The products are looking good but the sizes have gotten smaller, not one looks like a full sized product.
1. $5 Briogeo's Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask was a sample size. I always love some deep conditioning hair masks so definitely stoked that I got this guy. Smells delicious too.
2. $2 Proactiv+ Mark Fading Peel was a sample packet of 4 pads. So excited I got this! I saw it in the sneak peeks and immediately decided I need it. I still have a few acne scars so it will be great to try this out. Proactiv was the system I used to clear up my acne so I think I can see some great results with this. Price was a total guess since these pads are only sold within their $40 kit.
3. $7.50 Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow in Pearl is a sample product. I was a little disappointed to see this brand, that last mascara they sent from Elizabeth Mott was horrible. Interested to see how this shadow stick works out, at least the color is nice and neutral and something I am interested in using, especially for my waterline.
4. $7 Nourish Organic Lightweight Moisturizing Face Lotion in Argan Rosewater is a sample size. Wasn't too excited about this one. They sent out an all over lotion a few bags back which weren't moisturizing at all with a chemically smell. This one has no scent to it so I think I will tolerate it.
5. $19  MicaBeauty Tinted Lip Balm in Fiesta is a sample size. I'm in the middle of this, while I'm not a fan of these potted lip balms normally I'm interested in trying this out. Tinted lip balms are great under lip glosses so I'm not mad about this one. The packaging feels really cheap though like the jar will eventually crack or the lid won't be able to screw on properly.
Approximate Value: $40.50

Initial Reaction: Feels quite hefty, I'm REALLY excited about this box! Good work Birchbox!! Right away there's not a single thing I hate (which is saying a lot since I see a mascara, but we will get there).
1. $10 Serge Normant Meta Revive Dry Conditioner is a sample size. I saw this in the sneak peek video and it intrigued me. Dry Shampoo is my best friend so the idea of a Dry Conditioner?! This brand too, I've heard nothing but good stuff, so super excited to try this out!
2. $10 ZENMED Gentle Cleansing Cream is a sample size. I only wish this was bigger! I read about how it's a gentle formula that is great for removing makeup so this would be fantastic for travel, but I see only a few uses before this guy is gone.
3. $7 Nail Rock in Red Glitter is a full sized product. Nail polish! First thing I thought was a new brand for Mani Monday! But this will definitely be fun to try out albeit a little messy.
4. $7 100% Pure Fruit Pigmented Mascara in COLOR is a sample sized product. I know I don't need anymore mascara, but I saw this in the sneak peek as well as heard multiple people talk about it and really wanted to try it out to see if it works. The concept of more natural makeup is interesting to me and I'm looking forward to possibly finding some new alternatives to add to my arsenal.
5. $0.50 Ahmad Teas Assorted Teas in TEA NAMES is a trio of tea samples. I know I was mad about tea last time, but now that I have become tea crazy I was pleased to find this in my box.
Approximate Value: $34.50

Is it just me or are the value of these boxes (and bags) going down? I fear this is the end of Ipsy's generous large sizes. Seriously if the next 3-4 bags are all sample sized like this one I will actually unsubscribe it (never fear if I did I would definitely pick up another subscription). Clear winner this month goes to Birchbox (despite it taking forever and a day to get here), I loved everything that came, and while I liked the majority of Ipsy too, I was just overall more excited for Birchbox.

What did you get in your subscription boxes this month?

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