Friday, February 28, 2014


Another month with some progress made on Project Pan REMIX! I'm still working out exactly how I want to run this show so we'll see if the format changes. The concept of Project Pan REMIX is that I will have five products (left side) that I am treating like a traditional Project Pan (full-time), using it until it's gone and reporting on the progress every month, and then five products (right side) that I will be using that are just forgotten products and I want to incorporate more into my daily routine (think of this as part time Project Pan). Then I will have one product (center) that I will swap in on a weekly basis as a rotating "use me more" type of thing and this month I'm going to work through my perfume samples!  The format of reporting progress will be a little different from what I've been doing, but I will explain more and it will be clear once I introduce the products, so let's begin!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

March Madness: Daily Eye Shadow Challenge

I know it's not quite March yet, but decided to take the opportunity to introduce this new series that will be going on all through March! This is almost like a Project Pan spin off in the sense that the goal is to use a wider range of products, but not exactly to death. I have quite a few palettes that just sit in a drawer collecting dust so I think it was high time I got creative and put together some eye looks using these palettes everyday. Each week I will focus on one eye shadow palette and at the end of the week share my thoughts and progress (and possibly some pictures) of things I have come up with. So let's go ahead and meet the four palettes I have chosen for this month!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Beauty Myths: DeBunked! #2

Today we explore more common stories when it comes to your hair and some alarming truths to your eye lashes.

Brushing your hair 100 times a day will make it extra shiny. 100 strokes is much too excessive and can actually harm your hair. Brushing it that many times consecutively increases the chance of breakage and the over-stimulation of your scalp could cause excess oil production that will just weigh down your hair in a greasy mess.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY: Deep Cleaning Makeup Sponges!

Everybody insists that these beauty sponges are impossible to clean once you start using them. I would like to whole-heartedly disagree and today I am here to bring you an intense cleaning routine that will transform your sponges into pristine just out of the packaging look! You can see just in the before and after shots how I cleaned up an icky foundation stained sponge back to its original bright pink shade. This is an extremely picture heavy post and I challenge you to just scroll through those and figure out what I'm doing. So let's begin!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mani Monday #8: Ciate

I love this vampy plum color however this was not the easiest nail polish to apply, for $16 a pop I really expected better. It was kind of thick and streaky, the first coat looked awful and the brush dragged like crazy applying it but the second one fixed it to an acceptable degree. Also even with a top and base coat there was just not a smooth finish and my nails really aren't crazy ridged. If it wasn't clear I'm testing out Ciate this week which I was very hesitant on purchasing since it was so pricey but I found a good deal and went for it. I'm sad I destroyed the cute little bow but I think I can fix it.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Whats in my Trash?! Empties #3

This is a little earlier than usual, I moved it up to monthly because I've been really working my way through samples so I have more empties to share as well as I've been setting aside my favorites to work my way through some products that got pushed to the side and I've decided it's high time to finish them up and declutter a bit.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Unboxing Match! February 2014 Ipsy vs. Birchbox

I am so excited and surprised! Birchbox decided against its sneaky trip around California this time and actually came on time!! Conveniently, Ipsy and Birchbox actually arrived within a day of each other, so that alone has made me a happy camper this month. I was so good and determined this month and did NOT peek online so here is my genuine and enthusiastic reaction review of my treats!

For those of you who are unfamiliar with these services, Ipsy and Birchbox are two beauty subscription boxes that come monthly. Both of these cost $10 a month and each arrive with 5-6 different goodies ranging from sad little foil packets to full size products!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Love It or Leave It? The Shelf Life of Makeup & Beauty Products

With all the chemicals involved in making makeups you would think this stuff lasts forever right? Wrong. Makeup, just like any inorganic (or organic for that matter) thing has an expiration date. While some you can employ little tricks to last longer (thinners to nail polish, rubbing alcohol to re-hydrate and clean powders), others become such a hotbed of broken down chemicals and bacteria (*cough* mascara and sunscreen) you really need to toss them whether or not you finished it up. Before you start getting nostalgic over tossing that $40 mascara remember that expired makeup can cause skin irritation and eye infections, as well as lose their effectiveness! You're better off binning it and seeking a replacement instead of falling to victim to a whole host of problems.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Truth About Silicone

You hear about it all the time, people insisting on primers with a silicone base so your makeup holds up better and people who insist silicone is the case of clogging their pores and ultimately enlarging them. This has been a debate in the beauty community since practically the birth of makeup. I've been hearing way too much about silicone lately and decided it was time to get to the bottom of all this hoopla.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Mani Monday #7: NYX

Going onto 7 consecutive weeks of nail polish now, never knew there would come a day in which I long for naked nails. I'm quite upset this nail polish actually applied real nice and then I put on that top coat and immediately it bubbled up, so irritating. This week I went for Nyx. I got this huge set of mini polishes for Christmas and none of these bottles have names. A bottle of this must have cost less than $1 since it was a gift I really have no clue, sorry!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Beauty Myths: DeBunked! #1

Happy 100th post!!!!! I can't believe I've managed to stick to the schedule and here we are today at 100 blog posts published! To celebrate I've decided to launch a new series of something that is a bit of a pet peeve to me. Too many pieces of advice and things are floating around all the time and no one ever seems bothered to check the validity of the statements. I am here now to help you through these puzzling time and get to the bottom of some beauty myths!

You hear them all the time, beauty myths and tales that people spew out religiously so I've decided to take some time and do my research on which ones have actually been leading us wrong this whole time. I discovered some pretty interesting things today and have decided to lead a series on debunking beauty myths.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Mally's Everclear Poreless Face Defender

This is going to be another long one, but don't worry there will be plenty of picture supplements to help you get through it all!
Over this long (and dry winter) I have gone from dry/combo skin to ridiculously oily skin. With limited chances to blot my face throughout that day (and also just still haven't gotten into a habit of carrying around oiling blotting sheets) I've really tried everything to achieve that nicely matte face for a whole day, I really don't like having to fuss with my face outside of the house. I found some rave reviews on Mally's Everclear Poreless Face Defender and in an addition to it being on sale AND a coupon code AND free shipping, what is normally a $40 product ended up being $20 so I went for it.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Let's Talk About Blushes

Gone are the days where blush comes in a simple powder compact, it seems like everyone and their mothers are trying to come up with the freshest new approach to old classics. Another common problem that people struggle with are colors, where to apply, and the never-ending battle between matte and shimmer in products. Today I am here to declassify blushes, a seemingly innocent item that is the cause for many headaches. When applied properly it gives your cheeks a beautiful healthy flush, if you're too heavy handed you could be mistaken for a runaway clown.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

(Help! I'm a Product Junkie) Wishlist

Because I don't have enough makeup or's my latest (and longest) Wishlist! The good news is I have some Birchbox points just waiting to be redeemed as well as Sephora gift cards so it is very likely I can make a few of this wishes a reality without having to spend too much money!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Mani Monday #6: Orly

Lesson learned, don't pick the lighter colors for these tests. This color was soo tricky to apply, it was slightly thick and gross but finally got it on and not smudged. The color was gorgeous once on, but the process of doing so was a huge pain. Orly retails for about $8 and I've only seen it in Ulta before so somebody please tell me if they see it anywhere else! I have this inkling that I may have seen it in Bed, Bath and Beyond before, but I could also be horribly wrong.

Mani Monday is a weekly feature where I put a different brand of nail polish to a 7 day test. I chronicle my activities for each day with thoughts of things that could potentially attribute to chipping my polish. I use the same base and top coat each week, and this week applied four thin coats of Orly's Jealous, Much?. There will be a full list and links to all previous Mani Mondays at the end of this post.

Friday, February 7, 2014

The Importance of Lip Liner

As someone who has only just recently became crazed over lipsticks, I was definitely one of those people who did not understand lip liners. It seemed like a silly and unnecessary step to my routine..oh how wrong I was. Today I just want to list out a few findings in hopes that the next lippie obsessed girl won't make the same mistakes I did when it came to skipping the liner.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Nail Polish Collection Part 2

Now onto my babies. I am obsessed with Essie and the extent of my obsession has bee exposed. Not one, not two, but three shelves dedicated to Essie and everyday I want more. I can't be stopped. The good news is that I have one full shelf that I'm not using yet, the very top shelf I've put some framed pictures on (a tactic to deter buying more, not working), so I definitely have room to grow when it comes to more Essie! I'm a huge fan of this rack I bought it off Amazon and when I move I'm definitely replacing the wood one with another one of these plastic ones, it feels a lot sturdier and hanging it was way simpler. You can see right away I have that random OPI polish hanging out with all my glitter Essie's, that's there because not only did it not physically fit on the shelf, the color looked out of place with all my other bottles, I didn't know what to do with it, so for now I just stuck it there. Anyways, onto the polishes!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nail Polish Collection Part 1

I talk about nail polish all the time so I thought it was high time to share my nail polish collection. Excessive? Yes. But I like to think of it as ambitious. As usual I am not trying to brag in anyway, instead this is the proof of an unhealthy obsession!
I have two nail polish racks in total so I will be splitting up this collection into part one and then part two which will be up tomorrow. The first rack I am going to share with you guys is this handmade wood rack that I purchased off of Ebay. I'm not providing a link because I do not recommend this rack at all. Not only was it difficult to get up on my wall (and I still fear it will fall), it was not made very well so the wood isn't level, especially the last row, that's why I've really avoided putting anything on it. This rack is more of a random sampling of nail polishes, you'll see tomorrow that my other one is much more organized and mostly all Essie and OPI polishes which are my most used brands. This rack I tend to reach for less and also holds all my mini polishes. I'll go through each shelf (from left to right) naming each color and brand (which will be in bold) and providing links to Amazon for the specific polish. Let's get started!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014 UNfavorites & Face Wash Challenge

Every month I'm finding less and less unfavorites (hooray!) so I feel like these posts are becoming a lazy cop out, therefore I decided to start tacking something on to the end. But first, let's get into my three unfavorites of this month.

Monday, February 3, 2014

January 2014 Favorites

Taking a break from the normally scheduled Mani Monday to bring you my January Favorites! I'm sorry to fail you guys slightly but my nails have been crying and I just needed to give them a few days of being naked before plunging them back into their acetone and chemically bath.

I'm going product crazy again. I limited it to 10 products again this month. Picked up some great new favorites from Christmas, as well as finding gems in products I picked up for various reviews and series.