Friday, February 14, 2014

Beauty Myths: DeBunked! #1

Happy 100th post!!!!! I can't believe I've managed to stick to the schedule and here we are today at 100 blog posts published! To celebrate I've decided to launch a new series of something that is a bit of a pet peeve to me. Too many pieces of advice and things are floating around all the time and no one ever seems bothered to check the validity of the statements. I am here now to help you through these puzzling time and get to the bottom of some beauty myths!

You hear them all the time, beauty myths and tales that people spew out religiously so I've decided to take some time and do my research on which ones have actually been leading us wrong this whole time. I discovered some pretty interesting things today and have decided to lead a series on debunking beauty myths.

Seche Vite causes birth defects. Let's just get this first one out of the way. We've all see or read about the warnings on Seche Vite however I am here to debunk this myth! The chemical culprit in this myth is our friend Toluene. Toluene is dangerous when inhaled in great volumes however the limited exposure garnered from painting our nails is no where near dangerous enough to cause any sort of birth defects. 

Moisturizers on oily skin makes skin oilier. Absolutely not. Your skin produces an excess of oil due to a response to your environment and state of your skin. Oily skin is a way of your skin saying it feels dry and this is its response to re-hydrate itself. NOT using moisturizer actually makes your skin oilier which seems counter-intuitive to some. The best solution for this is to pick a thicker, deep moisturizing cream for the night time to really hydrate your skin as you sleep, and then go for a moisturizing gel as a daytime option which will feel lighter on the skin but continue to do the job.

Cold water snaps your pores shut and makes them smaller over time. While it is true that initially the cold water will make your pore appears smaller, the sad truth is that the size of your pores are based mostly on genetics and there is no way to shrink them permanently. 

You can get rid of cellulite. The sad truth of this one is that cellulite is here to stay. Not even liposuction can get rid of those fatty deposits found on thighs. Cellulite occurs when fat deposits get trapped between the fibrous bands that connect the skin tissue which squeezes the fat up resulting in the lumpy texture that you see. Cellulite is a harsh reality of genetics and even those who are deemed "bag of bones" are susceptible to the orange pith-like appearance. No amount of magic goo or creams will cause them to go away, however using some self-tanner for an all over bronze will help to conceal the discoloration a bit.

Apply eye creams with your ring fingers because it is the weakest finger. I was surprised to discover that this long touted beauty tip was indeed false. Based on the logic of the statement, the weakness of a finger is determined by the amount of strength it exerts, since the idea is that the eye area is very delicate and you need to apply a very gentle touch that won't tug and irritate it, so it was interesting to learn that the ring finger is one of the strongest fingers in strength of grip, exerting pressure and also endurance. The weakest finger is actually your pinky finger.

What are some beauty myths you have heard?

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