Tuesday, February 25, 2014

DIY: Deep Cleaning Makeup Sponges!

Everybody insists that these beauty sponges are impossible to clean once you start using them. I would like to whole-heartedly disagree and today I am here to bring you an intense cleaning routine that will transform your sponges into pristine just out of the packaging look! You can see just in the before and after shots how I cleaned up an icky foundation stained sponge back to its original bright pink shade. This is an extremely picture heavy post and I challenge you to just scroll through those and figure out what I'm doing. So let's begin!

First up, let's gather up all the supplies. I grabbed a makeup brush cleaner, but a liquid makeup remover would actually be better, some baby shampoo (any type of shampoo or hand soap will work), and then a glass jar (this is one of my re-purposed candle jars, find out how to do it yourself here!). Of course your makeup sponge too!
Next it's time to loosen up all that surface makeup gunk! Take your brush cleaner (or makeup remover) and give it a nice dousing where you see makeup stains. Let it sit for a minute to soak in and loosen it all up and then scrub real good and rinse with water.
Now we are starting to get into the deep cleaning phases. Taking the shampoo work a generous amount all over the sponge and then really scrub it into the sponge. For more caked out sponges feel free to repeat this step as this is what really helps to get the majority of that gunk off. Rinse thoroughly and proceed onto the next step.
Spray the insides of your jar with the brush cleanser and then squirt some shampoo into the bottom of the jar as well as a thin coat wherever you still see stains on the sponge. Next, fill the jar with hot water and let it soap up.
Keep the sponge submerged in the hot soapy water and squeeze it a few times to let it soak up and let it sit until the water is room temperature (I totally forgot about mine and it actually sat overnight), this is the step that really loosens up and cleans up all remaining traces of makeup.
Finally squeeze out the sponge and rinse is several times under warm water until all of the soap is out of the sponge and then let it air dry. If you can put it in direct sunlight, even better, so the sun can kill off any bacteria that has managed to survive your attack.
And there you have it! A beautiful sponge that looks fresh out of the box! Clearly this isn't something I do everytime I use my beauty sponge since it is such a process, but maybe once a week I like to do this deep cleaning routine since sponges really do suck in and hold onto a lot of makeup and bacteria. Let me know how this works out for you!


  1. Put the sponge in some water and microwave for a bit would be even better! :)

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