Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January 2014 UNfavorites & Face Wash Challenge

Every month I'm finding less and less unfavorites (hooray!) so I feel like these posts are becoming a lazy cop out, therefore I decided to start tacking something on to the end. But first, let's get into my three unfavorites of this month.

  • Philosophy's Hope in a Jar Moisturizer. I have a few samples of this stuff and finally got around to using it. I was interested to test it out after hearing everyone rave above this however I absolutely hated it. The smell first of all, chemically and slightly piney is disgusting to me, and the consistency is so thick and greasy, it actually broke me out considerably.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Barely Branded. This is part of their metal collection and you can tell just by the way it applies that it is not the same quality as the originals. This just doesn't apply very easily, it clings to the skin and is near impossible to even out and then creases like crazy. I regret buying this color, from now on just sticking to the benefit's creaseless cream shadows.
  • elf Nail Polish in Mod Mauve. If you saw my Mani Madness on this brand you would understand. Thick and clumpy it just applied horribly and then chipped like crazy. Pretty sure this is the culprit of my peeling nails too.
I have quite a collection of face washes, I have a tendency to pick some up whenever I'm at the store because I think I am almost out. Starting this month I'm making it my mission to finish all these up especially since none of these are really amazing holy grail products for me, I'm interested in trying out some new scrubs and washes. Thought it would be fun just to keep track of it every month here and update you guys on my progress! Let's meet these facial washes and just talk about what possessed me to purchase it. I'm not even including any sample sized cleansers because then I get into the double digits.

Garnier Fruit Gelee. I blame YouTube for this one. I don't even have dull skin so why?! This doesn't do much for my skin, when I first started using it my skin did feel squeaky clean but it's even lost that magic for me.

St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub. This was useful in my acne days but those are (knock on wood) long gone. These St. Ives scrubs feel very rough on my skin now, it will take quite some time to conquer this big guy though.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Cleanser. Commercials just really work on me. This was featured in a recent unfavorite and somehow I still haven't finished using it. 

Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser. I loved the moisturizer so it seemed logical I would love the face wash too. Wrong. This has an awkward clay scent to it that is not the bee's knees.

Suki Foaming Exfoliating Face Wash. I used to be obsessed with this but now this sugar based scrub has kind of hardened together making it really difficult to get out, and the lemon smell is starting to get overwhelming.

So join me in my journey to finish these ups and then follow my progress of finding a new face wash I'm crazy about!

What are some of your unfavorites this month? Do you have any type of product that you have a collection of that you need to use up?

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