Monday, February 17, 2014

Mani Monday #7: NYX

Going onto 7 consecutive weeks of nail polish now, never knew there would come a day in which I long for naked nails. I'm quite upset this nail polish actually applied real nice and then I put on that top coat and immediately it bubbled up, so irritating. This week I went for Nyx. I got this huge set of mini polishes for Christmas and none of these bottles have names. A bottle of this must have cost less than $1 since it was a gift I really have no clue, sorry!

Mani Monday is a weekly feature where I put a different brand of nail polish to a 7 day test. I chronicle my activities for each day with thoughts of things that could potentially attribute to chipping my polish. I use the same base and top coat each week, and this week applied two coats of this purple Nyx polish that has no name. There will be a full list and links to all previous Mani Mondays at the end of this post.
Day One. Typing and some hair washing. Those bubbles are really bugging me, this has been the worst so far that has done this despite the purple feeling (and tasting) completely dry before I did the top coat.
Day Two. Typing and then falling asleep at 7pm in exhaustion. No surprise here that nails are still intact and flawless.
Day Three. Typing and opened some packaging today. No chips yet though I'm seeing signs of wearing on most of my nails.
Day Four. It happened again I had everything written and then it didn't save. Sorry don't remember the specifics of everything now but nothing out of the ordinary today, nails still looking good.
Day Five. There was typing and chopping some vegetables and opening a few new items I bought from shopping today. A little chip as appeared on my right index finger.
Day Six. I did nothing today, even minimal typing, yet the chip on my right hand has gotten worse and all my nails are starting to look worn at the tips and getting ratty along the edges. These air bubbles are really freaking me out.

Day Seven. That index finger chip has chipped away even more, and two baby chips on my right thumb has started forming. Otherwise no huge drama on my nails.

Final Thoughts. I am very impressed with Nyx. The color was super creamy to apply and was super quick drying. This receives a solid grade of A. I definitely suggest picking up a few of these colors because they are inexpensive and they held up great all week!

If you missed the previous weeks be sure to check them out here!

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