Thursday, February 27, 2014

March Madness: Daily Eye Shadow Challenge

I know it's not quite March yet, but decided to take the opportunity to introduce this new series that will be going on all through March! This is almost like a Project Pan spin off in the sense that the goal is to use a wider range of products, but not exactly to death. I have quite a few palettes that just sit in a drawer collecting dust so I think it was high time I got creative and put together some eye looks using these palettes everyday. Each week I will focus on one eye shadow palette and at the end of the week share my thoughts and progress (and possibly some pictures) of things I have come up with. So let's go ahead and meet the four palettes I have chosen for this month!

Week 1. theBalm's Nude Tude.
If you've read my blog before you know I'm not a fan of this palette at all. There are two colors I enjoy and that's about it but I'm looking forward to force myself into using this, maybe I'll somehow fall in love (not holding my breath..).

Week 2. BH Cosmetics Malibu Palette.
Out of the three California palettes that BH did, this one was my favorite purely for that blush in the top right hand corner. It's a lovely dusty rose gold that is bronzing and flattering and just lovely. Those shadow colors though, this will be a challenge for appropriate day looks.

Week 3. elf Baked Eye Shadow Palette.
I actually quite like this, the colors are nice and I'm just a fan of baked eye shadows but this kind of got shoved to the back of my drawer and I just forgot that I had it. I'm looking forward to falling in love with this guy again.

Week 4. BH Cosmetics San Francisco Palette.
I'm not going to lie I was tempted to put all three of the BH Cosmetic's California Palettes in MM, but that seemed excessive and boring. Anyhow, this is similar to the Malibu palette where there are 16 eye shadows and then 4 cheek powders. I talked about this in an unfavorites as well as a review on the whole collection, this is just the most unpigmented of the group and therefore very difficult to work with. I'm not foreseeing any crazy eye looks with this one since the colors barely show up.

So there we have it! The four palettes I will be using and hoping rediscovering the reasons why I bought them. Anyone else want to join in my journey?


  1. Saying hi from the Birchbloggers Facebook group! I have way too many eye shadow palettes that just sit around (especially since I tend to stick to one or two favorites) - thanks for the encouragement to branch out! I'm going to follow your lead and test them out :)

    1. Hi!! That's so awesome! Keep me updated on how it works out for you :)