Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nail Polish Collection Part 1

I talk about nail polish all the time so I thought it was high time to share my nail polish collection. Excessive? Yes. But I like to think of it as ambitious. As usual I am not trying to brag in anyway, instead this is the proof of an unhealthy obsession!
I have two nail polish racks in total so I will be splitting up this collection into part one and then part two which will be up tomorrow. The first rack I am going to share with you guys is this handmade wood rack that I purchased off of Ebay. I'm not providing a link because I do not recommend this rack at all. Not only was it difficult to get up on my wall (and I still fear it will fall), it was not made very well so the wood isn't level, especially the last row, that's why I've really avoided putting anything on it. This rack is more of a random sampling of nail polishes, you'll see tomorrow that my other one is much more organized and mostly all Essie and OPI polishes which are my most used brands. This rack I tend to reach for less and also holds all my mini polishes. I'll go through each shelf (from left to right) naming each color and brand (which will be in bold) and providing links to Amazon for the specific polish. Let's get started!

All these NYX mini nail polishes came in a gift set which I cannot find online anymore, and none of these bottles have a name on it.

(elf 'Party' Cube Set) elf Nude, elf Mod Mauve, elf Bubble Gum Pink, elf Lilac, elf Red-y or not, elf Cherry Bomb, elf Purple Dream, elf Green Machine, elf Smoky Brown, elf Thunderstorm, elf Pot of Gold, elf Liquid Metal, elf Enchanted, elf Midnight Mystery, Starrily BZZZ BZZZ, Deborah Lippman Lady is a Tramp, Deborah Lippman Secret Love, Ruffian Fox Hunt

Some of these I just couldn't find online anymore (Meteor Shower is a tough one) as well as some ones that just don't exist anymore. Happily there's still room to grow! I've been eyeing some hard to find colors that I'm itching to (Essie Starry Starry Night and China Glaze BFF) find, so with luck I can do it! Stay tuned for part two coming tomorrow!

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