Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Mally's Everclear Poreless Face Defender

This is going to be another long one, but don't worry there will be plenty of picture supplements to help you get through it all!
Over this long (and dry winter) I have gone from dry/combo skin to ridiculously oily skin. With limited chances to blot my face throughout that day (and also just still haven't gotten into a habit of carrying around oiling blotting sheets) I've really tried everything to achieve that nicely matte face for a whole day, I really don't like having to fuss with my face outside of the house. I found some rave reviews on Mally's Everclear Poreless Face Defender and in an addition to it being on sale AND a coupon code AND free shipping, what is normally a $40 product ended up being $20 so I went for it.

This claims to make your pores look smaller, minimize fine lines, protect your makeup to last morning to night and produce a flawless matte finish without the dry look of powder. So this stuff definitely has a lot of claims. Upon opening the pink compact I was immediately impressed by the fact that this product was actually transparent. You can actually SEE the pink at the bottom of the pan and this gave me hope. Swatching it was completely clear (and therefore did not warrant a picture) and it felt smooth and slippery, much like a waxy gel balm. Below I'm inserting a picture of my face at the end of the day without any kind of makeup or blotting just to show how oily it gets on its own and to act as a means of comparison later on.
The second I put it on my face instantly mattified and my pores looked smaller. I could feel a silky film on my skin and I was hopeful that this product would actually work. The toughest thing about testing this product was definitely not touching my face constantly. It just feels so cool! I'm also taking flash photography throughout the day focusing in on my forehead where I get the oiliest to show how it holds up with an oil blot test at the end of the day. There will also be no blotting or touch ups throughout the day, so without further ado let's see how this worked out!
Face Defender on bare face. Today I started the day early at 8am and patted the Face Defender all over my skin after I applied moisturizer. I concentrated extra all over my forehead, cheeks and chin as these are the areas I get the oiliest. Five hours later, still looks and feels matte, not as perfect as it was when I first applied it but still pretty good. The photo picked up a tiny bit of shine, I mean flash photography is pretty aggressive when it comes to picking up your imperfections, but I can tell you in person it still looked great. Three hours later, it's starting to feel a little oily but in person still looks great, flash is picking up a little more shine but that's less of a concern for me. Finally a full twelve hours since I've had it on (four hours since I checked in last), at this point that silky film is definitely going but my skin is feeling pretty normal. I'm seeing a shine building on my cheeks but my forehead (where I concentrated most of the product) is still very nice. The flash is surprisingly picking up not much more than the last check-in. Oil blot test has produced that there was very little oil on my face! If you make the comparison you can see that my oiliness soaks through the sheet usually. So despite the shine picked up by the flash my face really wasn't that greasy at all. So far after day one of testing I'm very pleased with the results. 
Face Defender under foundation. While this isn't an official use listed on the product page, a lot of people have said that it makes a great primer and the oil blocking power is just as great under your makeup (and a good way to keep your sponge safe from foundation stains) so let's go for it. Face Defender went on after my moisturizer followed by my favorite L'Oreal BB Cream and then set by my Benefit's Hello Flawless powder. Starting the day obviously I've lost the silkiness that I so enjoyed last time and could feel the slight grease to my face that comes from my foundation, fingers crossed that under it all Mally is fighting my oil! Five hours later, in person it's still looking fairly matte, however it is not feeling that way at all. So while my foundation is greasing up my face it at least appears that the Face Defender is keeping the shine at bay. Three hours later, this is looking horrendous, greasy in person and shiny on camera. I think it's safe to say using it under foundation is not effective at all. And at the end of a day a full twelve hours of wear time, it pretty much looks the same as it did on my natural skin without a drop of anything. The oil blot test proves the point, while it didn't saturate the sheet as much as my bare face did there was still a great amount of oil blotted off.
Face Defender over foundation. Same routine with my L'Oreal BB Cream and set with my Benefit's Hello Flawless powder but then time with the Face Defender pressed on over it all. My skin looks so flawlessly airbrushed right now I'm loving it. Fingers crossed that this holds up all day! Five hours later, it's still feeling dry and matte but without that silky film I could feel on bare skin. Three hours later, the camera is picking up a hint of shine, but otherwise I'm still looking and feeling matte. This is definitely better than the disaster of using it as primer. A full twelve hours I'm at the end of my day and I'm pleased to report we are still looking and feeling matte with the camera picking up not much more shine then was there four hours ago!

Overall I'm in love with this. Definitely pick this up in a kit or wait for a deal because $40 is quite a lot to drop. I love that I can wear it on bare skin and stay flawless all day since I'm usually not in the habit of wearing foundation. It held up really well, especially against my oily skin, but I definitely don't recommend using it as a primer. It does a great job holding the oil at bay not only from my skin but from the foundation as it breaks down.

Have you tried out the Face Defender? What is your go-to method for a flawlessly matte face all day?

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