Friday, February 7, 2014

The Importance of Lip Liner

As someone who has only just recently became crazed over lipsticks, I was definitely one of those people who did not understand lip liners. It seemed like a silly and unnecessary step to my routine..oh how wrong I was. Today I just want to list out a few findings in hopes that the next lippie obsessed girl won't make the same mistakes I did when it came to skipping the liner.

Why do we bother with lip lining? The short answer is that it prolongs the wear of your lipstick, prevents feathering or bleeding and is a great way to define your lips and really make them look clean and polished.

  • Start with a clean and smooth base before attempting anything. Lips are notoriously uneven (even flaky) so in order to successfully apply your lip liner smoothly you need to exfoliate and completely pat your lips dry. If you don't have a designated lip scrub you can mix brown sugar with a little water and buff away with an old toothbrush or even your fingers. Add a little olive oil to make it a moisturizing lip scrub if you want, then rinse off completely and dab dry.
  • Always match your lip liner to the color of your lipstick, or even one shade lighter is okay. If your lip liner is darker than your lipstick you get that awkward ring around the lips effect that looks grossly unnatural. Lip liner is suppose to be like foundation, no one is suppose to know you're wearing it!
  • The only exception to the lip liner rule is if your goal is to layer colors, then by all means go for it! A bright pink liner all over your lips will look great under a semi-sheer lighter pink.
  • Keep those pencils sharp! Absolutely necessary to make those small precise strokes for a seamless look.
  • You will hear mixed advice when it comes to when to apply lip liner, personally I like to trace out my lips and fill them in first, apply lipstick, and then go back and clean up any edges or spots I missed again with the liner. Filling in your lips provides a base for your lipstick and just locks it in place all day.
  • You don't need to line all around your lips, just focus on the areas where feathering is most likely to happen. That would be your cupids bow and the corners of your mouth.
  • If you want a softer look to your lips, dab around the edges with a Q-tip to subtly smudge the liner a bit. If you want a crisper look, take a stiff flat angled brush (like the ones for your brows) and some concealer and you can clean up the edges for a sharper definition.
  • Sadly, not all lip liners are created equally. If your pencil drags your lips as you draw a line across it the formula is much too dry. The pencil should glide easily and leave behind a strong pigment.
What are your thoughts on lip liners? Is this not a "can't skip" step for you too?

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