Friday, February 28, 2014


Another month with some progress made on Project Pan REMIX! I'm still working out exactly how I want to run this show so we'll see if the format changes. The concept of Project Pan REMIX is that I will have five products (left side) that I am treating like a traditional Project Pan (full-time), using it until it's gone and reporting on the progress every month, and then five products (right side) that I will be using that are just forgotten products and I want to incorporate more into my daily routine (think of this as part time Project Pan). Then I will have one product (center) that I will swap in on a weekly basis as a rotating "use me more" type of thing and this month I'm going to work through my perfume samples!  The format of reporting progress will be a little different from what I've been doing, but I will explain more and it will be clear once I introduce the products, so let's begin!

Left Side (Traditional Project Pan)
  • Almay Smart Shade Skin Matching Makeup in Light/Medium. There was less in here than I thought and I actually managed to finish it up!
  • Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara. I've been using this every day (paired with my trusty Clump Crusher) and I just feel like mascaras are so endless for me. I have a better chance of this drying up before finishing it, nonetheless we keep on trucking!
  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin. I've actually grown to like this a bit, it's a long road for it though since I don't even know what it will look like once it's finished. I used this a lot the first half of the month and then kind of stopped wearing blush because I got obsessed with a new skincare routine and just didn't wear much face makeup at all. I'm rededicating myself to using this in the upcoming month.
  • Lancome Eye Shadow Quad. These are a lot frostier than I expected, I think I really messed up choosing to put this in here. Honestly I'm giving it another month try but if I really don't reach for it there's no point in keeping it around.
  • Starlooks Kohl Pencil in Obsidian. I used this everyday and you can see it has shrank a little bit, soon you will be out of my life and done for!
    New item for March!
  • Benefit's POREfessional. I've decided to move this guy over to this side, I just have a lot of samples as well as different types of pore disappearing products so the sooner I can be done with this the better.
Right Side (Products to Use More)
  • Ben Nye Final Seal. I managed to use this all up! Definitely still think these setting sprays are a waste of money so won't be purchasing any of these anymore.
  • Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. I definitely have fallen in love with this again. I used it almost everyday as a base for my eye shadow and it's just so lovely.
  • Benefit's POREfessional. The tiny sample size that was never-ending, despite using it everyday smoothed on my cheeks I feel like I haven't even made a dent.
  • Benefit's Watts Up. I tried this all month as a brow bone highlighter and I just don't love it. The color is too bronzey and too sparkly for my taste, this will return to the drawer and continue collecting dust for awhile.
  • theBalm InStain in Swiss Dot. I used this maybe once, I was obsessed with using the bouncy blush and this just got forgotten. It's also SUPER pigmented and very red.
    New Five Items for March!
  • theBalm Stainiac. This gel cheek stain thingymabob just wasn't appealing to me when it came in a subscription box so this month I would like to see if I can find a way to work with it.
  • Maybelline Master Shape. I have no luck with finding a cheap brow solution and this was just one of those casualties. I'm hoping to either finish this or be able to promote it to full-time Project Pan status next month but we'll see how it goes!
  • Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray. Whyyyy do I have setting sprays?! Thankfully this is the last one and this little baby bottle from Nordstrom Rack shouldn't take too long. I must say I like this better than the other one I had because it's a more fine mist so I don't feel like I'm fire hosing my makeup off.
  • Benefit's Hervana. This is probably the only one I'm not hoping to the use up but just to incorporate it more in my life. This was my first Benefit blush and I absolutely loved it when I bought it, it just kind of got pushed to the side as I went through a rose gold obsession, so baby doll berry, I'm ready to have you back in my life.
  • Starlooks Gem Eyeliner in Topaz. So this metallic silver seems like an odd everyday pick, but when smudged into my waterline it actually brings a nice sparkle (quite literally) in my eyes. My favorite nude liner is getting traded out this month to see if I can make a dent in this guy.

Center (Weekly Lippie Product)
  • Week One. I've fallen back in love with this peachy nude and actually made a lip shaped dent from applying it so often. This has a permanent home in my weekend bag now because it's basically the perfect sparkly lip balm.
  • Week Two. This week inspired me to whip up a rave review (look for it coming soon!) and makes me want to go pick some more up, but I'm stopping myself until I finish up at least three different lippies (this could take awhile).
  • Week Three. I had a hard time with the NYX lipstick, it was really dry on its own and then if I patted it over a balm it just wouldn't apply evenly. Perhaps this will make a nice cheek stain since it's a lovely color but on my lips, we need to try again when my lips are not in winter mode.
  • Week Four. I remember why I love these lipsticks so much, creamy, hydrating and only 99 cents! The frost is a bit over the top but it allowed me to wear slightly darker eye makeup to balance it out.
    New for March!
  • Week One. Marc Jacob's Honey.
  • Week Two. Prada's Luna Rossa.
  • Week Three. Ralph Lauren Romance.
  • Week Four. Juicy Couture, Couture La La Malibu.

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