Friday, March 7, 2014

Beauty Myths: DeBunked! #3

In our second installment of beauty myths we explore tales about nail polishes and hair growth!

Wearing nail polish turns your nails yellow. This is both true and false. Nails are porous and absorb the pigments in polishes very well. This is a permanent problem though as the staining will not spread, to counteract this problem put down a clear base coat before applying nail polish, especially those darker colors. 

Waxing diminishes hair growth. While it is true that waxing does rip out the hair at the follicle, it would take up to 20 years of repeating aggravating of the follicle for it to be damaged enough and stop growing hair. If you are looking to be instantaneously hairless after one session, you're better off with laser hair removal which zaps the follicle stopping it in its path.

Your hair and skin will get used to products making it less effective over time. False. All those claims that you have to change your shampoo monthly to retain the effectiveness is not true at all. You will see differences in effectiveness due to other changes in your life, whether it is moving to a new city or simply adopting a new diet, all these other outside influences is what causes your skin and hair to change therefore decreasing the effectiveness of certain products.

Curling lashes with mascara on breaks off the lashes. While there is the slightly possibility of lashes sticking to your tool and ripping off, the idea of mascara turning your lashes into stiff, brittle hairs that can easily be snapped off is a myth. Mascara these days are fortified with waxes and oils that make for highly flexible lashes that will yield and stay intact. 

Tanning clear up acne. Absolutely not! While you will see some results because the sun will dry up acne and cause it to shrink a little, the exposure will also dry out and damage your skin causing it to produce more oil and ultimately break you out even more.

What are some beauty myths you've heard of?

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