Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February UNfavorites & Face Wash Challenge Check-In!

Project Pan really has open up a whole world of hate dislike for me this month. Bear with me as I go through a list of products that really rivals my favorites for once.

  • Maybelline Master Brow. This stuff is just overly creamy making it really hard to apply with a light hand so I always end up with overly dark (and comical) eyebrows that at the end of the day more or less slide off my face. Definitely if you have oily skin stay away from this and if you still want to try it out go for a shade lighter because it comes out very dark.
  • Elf Makeup Removing Pen. I should have seen this coming before I even purchased it, it seemed like such a good idea in theory something to help me clean up winged eyeliner as I'm learning, this is just a hot mess. After you use it once the tip turns black and no amount of wiping can get the black off so you basically can't ever use it again since it will leave a smudgy black residue behind. Also despite it not being usable, it's just not very good makeup remover that also leaves an oily film on my skin afterward.
  • NYX Butter Gloss in Cupcake. This one teaches me a lesson about looking up swatches before buying online...this stuff is a BRIGHT hot pink which I'm just not comfortable pulling off. It looked like such a softer pink online, so we'll see. Maybe I will change my mind when it's warmer and I'm a little tanner because at least for now it is quite shocking.
  • NYC Bronzer in Fire Island Tan. Too much sparkle. Again this will need to be something I revisit in the summer when I'm a little tanner and the sparkle won't make me look like a character from the Twilight series for a more fair assessment.
  • Benefit's Watts Up. Project Pan has really made me revisit some products and remind me why they are gathering dust in my collection. Again this is another sparkle issue and the beigey base of it is just way to dark, it does not look natural on me at all like a highlighter should. Another, maybe when I'm tan in the summer I will like it, but for this one, I highly doubt it.
  • Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara. Thank you Project Pan for reminding me how this clumpy, thick mascara does absolutely nothing for my lashes, except sticking them together for a horrible spidery mess. Possibly if you are looking for a black lash glue (you know mash together the falsies and eyeliner step), this stuff could probably do the trick.
This month you can see that I finished the Clean & Clear face wash! I think I will be done with the Garnier Fruit Gelee soon and I'm really not sure where I'm at for the Aveeno. That massive St Ives is a huge undertaking and will take quite awhile but I've been using it as a body scrub once in awhile (it says it's an all over treatment!) so that has helped make a slight dent. I totally forgot to put my Suki in the picture since it's a glass jar I keep it somewhere else but there's still a tiny bit left, I can probably be done with that within a month or two.

What are some of your 'miss' products this month?

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