Friday, March 14, 2014

Hair Care Picks & Tips

Nothing beats some soft and shiny hair. With winter ending and spring starting to peek through (thought here in California winter never happened...) it is time to wash away that dry, dull hair that usually accompanies the colder months and make way for some healthy locks to flaunt in the sunshine. Today I would like to share some of my favorite products and tips to taking care of your hair and turning it into the envy of everyone around you.

First of all, a great trick that not a lot of people know about is pre-conditioning. Did you know that dry hair soaks up moisture much better than wet hair? Treat yourself to a luxurious pre-wash hair mask and coat your hair about halfway down to the tips with your favorite conditioner. Make sure to brush through with a wide tooth comb to evenly disperse the product and let it soak for about 20 minutes before hopping into the shower. On a day where I feel like extra spoiling my hair I reached for Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner, this makes my hair silky soft and smooth for three days after the wash and nothing else I've found can compare. This treatment can be done once a month as a great at-home princess treatment.

Another tip is to remember that shampoo belongs on the scalp and conditioner should never touch it. My favorite shampoo is the Garnier Fructis Hydra Recharge Shampoo, which is a great hydrating shampoo with little scrubbing beads that really strips the scalp of all the gunk. The tropical kiwi scent is heavenly and lingers on even after you've washed out all the suds. Avoid soaping up the ends because all shampoos are quite harsh and drying, especially to the extra dead parts that is the end of your hair. Starting your scrubbing at the nape of your neck is ideal because that is where most of the dirt and sweat will gather, doing this will help your hair stay fresh for longer. Remember when conditioning to avoid working in into your scalp. The extra moisturizing power of conditioner will trigger your scalp to produce more oil than necessary and this vicious cycle will lead you to washing your hair more often than necessary.

My hair is pretty stubborn. It lies flat and refuses to conform to anything as frivolous as a curl or even a beachy wave. I have found though when coaxed just right, it will hold some very bold volume (with a slight wave), but only under the right circumstances. Damp hair meet Healthy Sexy Hair's Soy Renewal Beach Spray! I'll admit this is a Vegas pool party bag staple of mine. One drunk accidental dunk of the head into the pool quickly changes a hot (wet) mess hairdo into beach goddess envy look. Spraying this all over some damp hair and some gentle scrunching turns even my hair into gorgeous soft waves. Be careful when it comes to beach sprays as often the salt is very drying to your hair, this isn't something I suggest you do all the time but instead save it for a special condition. Also, I don't know about everyone else but after tousling my hair to jazz up the waves my hands are always incredibly dry, have an extra moisturizing hand cream on stand by so you can treat your hands after your hair.

If you can reduce the amount of washing you do for your hair, the better! Wet hair is incredibly delicate and even towel drying it causes a ton of unhealthy breakage (let's not even get started on heat). I've whittled down my hair washing to just twice a week and have found my hair is happier and healthier because of it. For that day right before hair washing day I have forged deep and meaning full relationship with my Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo. I have searched high and low and there is no other dry shampoo that compares to this one. This not only cuts through the grease but makes my hair look, feel, AND stay soft all day. Each strand remains loose and independent of each other for a very natural and clean look. Those days I seek some extra shine and softness Serge Normant's Dry Conditioner has been a life saver. If I wanted to put my hair up in a tight pony tail I often skip the 'poo and just spritz on some of this stuff instead. A great tip is to spray this on your hair and then using low heat, brush out and style your hair and it will look fresh and volumized for the day.

My last tip to offer is the importance of taking Fish Oil. Mind you I do not eat fish at all, the taste and smell repulses but taking two of these horse pills a day (one in the morning, one at night) really makes a world of difference in the health of your hair. Packed with Omega 3, this is the essential nutrient to strong and shiny hair. I suggest you swallow this fast and then drown the taste out with a smoothie, but within a few weeks I guarantee you will notice a positive change!

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