Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Know Your Face: Oily/Combination Skin

The sad truth when it comes to oily skin is that it is genetically determined by hormonal change in your body, there's really no escaping it if it's coded in your DNA.  The hormone responsible for oily skin are called androgens. When it comes to oily skin the large pores that produce an excess of oil, from overly stimulated androgens, is the culprit in all the problems.
Not only does it give your face a shiny look and causes makeup to slide right off, oily skin can lead to clogged pores and break outs. Most people make the mistake of severely drying out their face and scrubbing them raw in an attempt to clean out their pores, they completely miss out on the root of the problem which is your skin is producing all this extra oil because it believes your skin is dehydrated and it works over time to fix this. Caring for oily skin is as simple as picking the right products and methods that will deep clean but not aggravate your skin.

Salicylic acid isn't just for treating acne, it is also a great ingredient for deep cleaning pores. Choose a scrub that includes this ingredient to really pull out all the gunk in your pores once a week. A moisturizer that contains BHA (another name for salicylic acid in the beauty world) is able to penetrate deeper in your skin and remove dead skin cells clogging your pores while you sleep. When looking for a serum or toner look for the ingredient retinol (an active form of Vitamin A) which is a powerful exfoliant that encourages skin to shed dead and problematic layers that often trap oil on your face.

The best tip I can offer is stay away from oil blotting sheets! While pressing one of those papers onto your skin might absorb some oil and remove some shine, it is also pressing all the dirt and more oil that has accumulated on your face deeper into pores. Doing this you are effectively clogging your pores even more and making the cleansing process more difficult down the line.

Cream products and thicker lotions are extremely emollient, meaning that they will probably be very pore-clogging, and should be used sparingly or even eliminated from your routine. Stick with liquid or gel formulas which are more lightweight on the skin but just as effective as their cream or solid counterparts.

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