Monday, March 31, 2014

Mani Monday #12: Kardashian Beauty

I didn't want to like this so much just because it's Kardashian, but this nail polish was amazing to apply! I absolutely adore the flat, wide brush that delivers an even and dry coat. I know that dry is a weird word to describe nail polish (and sounds anything but desirable) but imagine those really thick gloopy nail polishes that are always uneven no matter what you do, and then imagine the opposite where one swipe delivers the thinnest coat possible that is also incredibly opaque, smooth and fast drying, that's how I imagine a "dry" nail polish to be. This nail polish retails for about $6 and I found mine at Ulta, but I believe you can find this at Walmart too.

Mani Monday is a weekly feature where I put a different brand of nail polish to a 7 day test. I chronicle my activities for each day with thoughts of things that could potentially attribute to chipping my polish. I use the same base and top coat each week, and this week applied one coat of Kardashian Beauty's Blaze. There will be a full list and links to all previous Mani Mondays at the end of this post.

Day One. First impressions I'm so in love with this nail polish. I haven't had a successful manicure in awhile now and this looks basically professional. Typical day for me and still looking flawless!
Day Two. My usual amount of excessive typing during the day. Otherwise I've been feeling really lethargic and tired and falling asleep early so not really abusing my nails at all. I hope this doesn't mean I'm getting sick.
Day Three. So there's a small chip on the side of my left index finger, I'm really not sure how that came to be, but otherwise the rest of my nails are doing just fine. There was some hair washing but everything is still looking good.
Day Four. That same little chip is expanding but it really isn't that noticeable. I'm still stumped as to how it came to be.
Day Five. I'm noticing that my right index finger is starting to wear away from what I suspect is the constant digging into my coconut oil. This new jar I have is particularly stubborn and solid. The chip on my left index finger is slowly expanding, it's really not picking up on the camera well but it appears that once this nail polish chips it will easily flake away.
Day Six. The slight chips that were already there have been chipping away, but otherwise there are still no new chips. It was a day full of blog writing and relaxing so nothing too crazy for my nails.
Day Seven. At this point that one side chip is flaking away, as well as a few nails at the base. Otherwise this was a pretty solid polish that held out well all week.

Final Thoughts. After this week I'm so torn between not supporting a spoiled family and running out to buy all these colors because this was the most wonderful application ever, plus great wear time! I have to give this an A+++ it wore beautifully all week, dried super quick, and for $6, not bad at all on the price. I don't understand all the horrible reviews on Ulta at all as I had a great experience with this polish. Also addressing the claims that these nail polishes dried out within a week, I've had this particular bottle sitting on the shelf for a good 3 months at this point and it was still perfectly fine when I finally go around to it.

If you missed the previous weeks be sure to check them out here!

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