Thursday, March 6, 2014

March Madness: Week #1

This first week is going to be really boring. I'm using Nude Tude which I've already reviewed before and just not pleased with how not pigmented it is (maybe my skin is just too tan?) so I'll be trying to insert some images of what I came up with but I just don't think they will photograph at all. I'm apologizing now, I didn't really get the hang of how exactly to photograph my eye looks until the end of the week, but at least the rest of the month will be excellent!
So on Monday I went for those pinky/brown shades trying to do just a really soft look but then I thought it was boring so I dug into my favorite pewter shade (I know, should have respected warm and cool better) and did a light V on the outer edge for a more interesting look. Seriously all you can see in this picture is the shimmer but in person it was very subtle and appropriate for a daytime look. Excuse the clumpy lashes, I promised I went in and fixed it afterwards but that's always something I need to do when it's completely dry.
After the fail of yesterday being so light I went for those darker brown shades for Tuesday in hopes of coming up with something that will be noticeable on camera (as well as taking pictures in a room without yellow lighting which helped). Today I also popped on a bronze-y base to help bring out the colors better and I think all you can see is the base and not even the eye shadows...oh well. Also put Sassy onto my brow bone.
Wednesday came with some dinner plans so I decided just to go for it a make a darker daytime smokey eye that will translate into a more fun night look for some sushi feasting. So I dug into the two darker grey/black colors and came up with something that is finally slightly visible in pictures. I put Sophisticated all over the lid and blended it out and then popped on Sleek on the outer half of my lid followed by more blending. Followed up with Sassy on the brow bone.

To combat this dreary weather, on Thursday I went for a brighter eye. I'm suspecting the problem with these colors is that the nude is too nude for my skin tone as every color seems to just disappear against my skin so now I'm always going to go for one of those deeper shimmers. I have Snobby all over my lid and then Schitzo smudged into my crease and lightly lining my lash line. I used Sassy to highlight my brow bone which I actually really like. Finally a use for this palette, I think this would be great to set one of my cream highlighters.
For Friday I attempted the ombre look, but this very not pigmented eye shadows just couldn't pull it off. I started with Selfish all over the lid followed by Sleek on the lash line and then blended it all out using Snobby. I think this may be my most favorite look of the week.

I spent a low-key weekend so didn't wear make on Saturday or Sunday. This week reminded me just how not pigmented these colors are and just aren't a good match with my skin tone. However I have rediscovered how much I love the color Sophisticated and I'm not a fan of Sassy as a brow highlight.

Also if anyone is curious about the timing I cheated a TINY bit and started this before March officially started. On weekends I don't always bother putting on makeup so I wanted to be fair to each palette and ensure that it would have at least a full week (Mon-Fri). So these updates are coming in every Thursday, but it will be about the looks I did the week before.

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