Thursday, March 13, 2014

March Madness: Week #2

After a week of neutrals I am excited to have a palette this week with some fun pops of color. Blues are normally not shades that I go for, but they are quite complimentary with brown eyes so it will be a great experience playing with the colors. This Malibu palette from BH Cosmetics is definitely my favorite out of the trio of California palettes, especially for the face powders in the middle.

For Monday I practiced the ombre effect again (this seems to work out very well with my eye/lid shape. I put that lighter gold all over my lid followed by the darker bronze on the top half of my lid. Then I used that creamy yellow as a brow highlight.
On Tuesday I wanted to go for a more dramatic effect. I used that light gold all over my lid and then the sapphire on the outer V of my eye. This didn't turn out so well because the blue creased like crazy by the end of the day.
Wednesday I wasn't sure what I was doing. I put that gold all over my lid followed by that light blue on the middle section and the darker brown on the outside V. Finally finished it with that creamy yellow on my brow bone.
I wasn't feeling like doing anything crazy today so for Thursday I put that cream all over my lid and put that matte gold on the outer half of my lid and completed the look with a winged eyeliner. I'm really proud of this wing by the way, I'm usually not successful at all and being able to do both eyes evenly in less than a minute, I was thrilled!
I had a hard time all week using those blues and greens (the time is just not right for it!) and I was getting a little sick of those browns, golds and bronzes, so on Friday I broke out my Nyx Shadow Stick in Iced Mocha to put all over my lid and then smudged that bronze on the outer V of my lid followed by highlighting my brow bone with that cream.

Despite venturing out to a bar (for once!) on Saturday, I found myself picking up my beloved Naked3 palette instead of this one, so for the rest of the weekend I have no eye looks to share. Despite being a solid on the neutral browns, bronzes and golds, I had a hard time using any of the blues and greens and found the quality of them to be lacking which is disappointing since I started the week so excited about them. I completely forgot about the face powders in the middle section which is a shame since that rose gold blush is one of my favorites. Sadly this too will probably return back into the drawer collecting dust until one day I remember it.

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