Thursday, March 20, 2014

March Madness: Week #3

If I thought the first two weeks were hard to photograph, they are nothing compared to this! I've forgotten how ridiculously light these eyeshadows are. They essentially just kind of tint my lids with shimmer. I will attempt to describe these as well as I can because I have a feeling the pictures are going to be pretty useless!
For Monday I went with that cream all over my lid and then that pink (which is turning up as bronze in the pictures) on the outer half. When I realized there was basically no color pay-off I went back in with that dark purpley-brown along my lash line and as you can see it still looks like nothing.

On Tuesday my allergies were quite violent and I decided to forgo makeup all together. Possibly I will make this up later this week.
Wednesday, I learned from my experience on Monday and went for the darker colors. I placed that deep bronze all over my lid and then smudged that smokey taupe into the outer V.
For Thursday I followed my lead on the day before and took that (top right) on the inner half of my lid followed by that same smokey taupe on the outer half of my lid. I've turned into such a fan of blending, it's really satisfying to pack on all that color and then blend away so it's a beautiful seamless work of art.
I was feeling extra lazy on Friday, it took me a good thirty minutes before I could convince myself to get out of bed. So I took that light pinky gold (at this point I really can't distinguish these colors anymore) and packed it all over my lid and did a winged liner which now that it is something I mastered I am a HUGE fan of doing. Look fancy without putting on a lot of makeup!

This week has been such a struggle, these colors are so sparkly by Friday I was really dying for a matte shade in the mix. The pigmentation is seriously lacking and makes me wary of buying anymore baked shadows from elf since I haven't had issues with the regular ones that they have.

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