Thursday, March 27, 2014

March Madness: Week #4

I can't believe I"m already at the final week of this March Madness challenge. I am very proud of myself for putting on eye shadow everyday (except one day) and definitely proving to myself that this is something I can manage to do quickly in the morning. Perhaps I will start getting a little more fancy on a daily basis! This BH San Francisco palette is absolutely my least favorite in my collection. There is just no consistency in quality so we will see how this week will fare.
In the spirit of festivities I went for a much bolder color combination than I would usually dare this Monday. With that nice spring green on the inner half of my lid and then that brownish gold (I'm really not sure what that is) on the outer half. I tried to line my eyes using that dusty forest green for that extra pop but it just wasn't pigmented enough to make an impression.
I went for the subtly smokey purple on Tuesday. I love wearing it on my nails so much, why not try it out on the eyes? I put that pale lavender all over my lid and then smudged that mauvey purple on the outer half of my eye and into the crease, then blend blend blend! That lighter shade was not pigmented at all, it took a lot of digging and packing on to get it to show up.
Talk about not pigmented. All this month has done is taught me why I don't reach for these palettes because there is just zero color pay off! On Wednesday I took that light tawny brown all over the lid and that darker brownish gold thing smudged into my (non-existent) crease.
Today for Thursday I took that smoky plum all over my lid followed by that matte black on the outer V and finished up by patting that light lavender in the center of my lid (which doesn't show up at all). This is quite smoky for a day time look but I decided to just go for it.
Finally I was feeling very lazy on Friday stuck with that bronze all over the lid, a winged liner and then that highlight color on my brow bone and a dab on the inner corner of my eyes.

I must say after this week I will never use this again I'm pretty sure. I seriously regret purchasing this (I really should make a whole products I regret purchasing post I think) because it was a waste of money and now a waste of space in my collection. This whole month of eye shadows has really shown me how I've wasted my money and was a really good lesson to learn. I can say proudly that my spending has decreased dramatically and I do a lot more research with less impulse buying now which is a great change in my habits!

Did anyone else decide to do a daily eyeshadow challenge along with me? If so please comment and link me below so I can check it out!

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