Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Review: elf Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick

It's taken me quite awhile to get to this review, I wanted to take a lot of time testing out the product and then I just kept forgetting to write this up, so better late than never here it is! I love balm stains. If it wasn't obvious before I'm saying it now. I'm still not quite skilled enough for draw on those flawless lips with a traditional lipstick and my lips are always quite chapped, so I love turning to those chubby sticks packed with color and moisturizing power that come with the added bonus of being a long lasting stain. I bought this totally thinking it as a normal balm stain like all the other ones out there and for the price I thought I would give it a shot. Definitely not what I was expecting at all but it ended up being something very different that I fell in love with. This is the elf Essential Jumbo Lip Gloss Stick that retails for $2 on their website or in Target (which is where I picked mine up). It comes in 8 colors mostly nudes and light pinks but there are two darker red/mauvey shades, and this particular one I picked up is the darkest one which is a red called Movie Star. elf states that this is a tinted lip color that is suppose to glide on like a lipstick but look like a gloss, with nourishing ingredients that will condition and moisturize lips.

First of all this is a great moisturizing product. I think even better than balm stains which often apply really nicely but then dry up. No, this remains nice and moisturizing on your lips much like lip glosses do but without the the stickiness that comes with that moisture. I love the twist up feature of this product making it hassle free without having to sharpen it and easy to apply anywhere. The size and shape is perfect giving you great control when applying it to your lips.
As you can see in the swatch above, the color is not so much of a deep red as the packaging implies, but more of a bright cherry Popsicle stain. The color is extremely buildable which is something else I love. The bottom swatch is one pass with the color and the top is where I really swiped to build it up to the maximum amount of stainage it was able to offer. I really like the versatility of the product of being able to do a light wash to a bold red lip with varying degrees of pressure. It is also one of those rare products where I feel completely confident applying without a mirror because I know that the color will disperse evenly and easily. It has such a beautiful glossy finish but wears like a lipstick. This stuff survives through me sipping tea all day long (my longest streak being 8 hours where I didn't eat anything or unconsciously wipe my lips/apply lip balm) but the second you start eating it's gone. Still that's very impressive to last through drinking things, and then typical as with any lip product will be gone after feasting.

I'm definitely looking into picking up a few more of these guys since they are such chameleons when it comes to lips. Have you tried out these gloss sticks before?

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