Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review: Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil

For the longest time I have always used wipes as my preferred method of taking off my makeup for the sheer convenience and ease of it. However one day it really hit me how the scrubbing motion was not only pulling at my skin and irritating my skin into a red fury, but I was yanking out a good amount of my eye lashes that I try so hard to grow out. I tried out a ton of different creams and jelly based products but just wasn't satisfied with them because I was on the hunt for a product that could effectively break down my makeup without a lot of harsh scrubbing, and then also not leave behind anytime of film or residue.

I was about to give up when I stumbled across the Garnier Clean + Nourishing Cleansing Oil and discovered that it was everything I was looking for plus more. This particular product contains the magic of JoJoba and Macadamia oil and is targeted towards dry skin. I do not have dry skin but I picked it up anyways and I'm so glad I did not let the marketing deter me. This cleansing oil sells for about $8 a 4.2 fluid ounce bottle that comes with a handy pump. I've found that the pump does leak sometimes even when it is locked so I suggest wiping off the opening after every use to prevent a mess.

There is a fragrance to it, but just a very pleasant Macadamia (and what I imagine must be) Jojoba scent that is light and refreshing. With just one pump of this golden liquid it takes off a full face of makeup (and even a dozen coats of waterproof mascara) instantaneously! The best part is I squirt it out onto my hands, rub my hands together and gently press my hands against my eyes for about five seconds, then when I swipe my hands away the majority of my makeup has broken down and gone. On more stubborn sections of mascara just working in the oil with my finger tips dissolves away the makeup just like it claims. Once I rinse it off my skin is left feeling hydrated and plump. I've been testing this out for over a month now and my skin has never felt softer or looked cleaner. Cleansing oils are great because they deposit lipids on the skin that help to hold in water and keep skin hydrated while not clogging pores or causing the skin to feel greasy. While they are particularly beneficial to those with dry skin since they don't irritate the skin and pack a punch of hydration, all skin types can benefit from using one as a step in their skincare routine.

If you haven't tried out a cleansing oil before I suggest you go out and pick one up!

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