Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Spring 2014 Nail Polish Trends

Another season and another palette of colors to watch out for. This year designers did not seem to stick with the traditional soft pastels but instead pulled out bold accent colors that you would expect to find in the fall. While not everyone is keen on running out and buying accessories and clothing to match the hot colors of a season, nail polish is a great (and inexpensive) way to wear the trendy colors of the time. Today I've done my research and came out with the top 10 most used colors in Spring 2014 designs and selected some nail polishes from my collection that I believe exemplify the tones well.

This rich royal blue seems to be a staple year after year. This is actually one of my most favorite colors to wear so it's not surprising that it topped the list as the number one color most used by designers for spring trends. For this category I have two shades that are dead ringers to the color which is Essie's Butler Please and butter's Blagger. While the color seems shockingly bold for a spring color, try incorporating it on your nails as an accent color or revamping the french tips with a lighter blue base and dazzling blue tips.

I'm so please with the abundance of soft purples and lilacs this year since it is without a doubt my favorite shade to wear on my nails. It's so bright and airy with a slight edge and compliments my skin tone so well. I see this color as a cooler tone lavender, with more notes of blue than pink so I've picked Zoya's Caitlin and Essie's Full Steam Ahead as my two favorites for this category. These are perfect colors to transition from winter to spring as this cooler toned pastel fits in perfectly with the changing weather.

As the Pantone Color of the Year I had to highlight this shade with a number of picks. This color nods toward the deeper end of the purple spectrum and radiates light and richness. This is a bold statement color and really screams "spring is here". Personally I think the shockingly pink fuschia is a little too loud for my taste so I've selected a few alternatives that still fit nicely in the genre. For a more toned down look Essie's Warm & Toasty Turtleneck is a nice option of a pretty pink purple that also has a little shimmer to jazz it up. Both Zoya's Odette and buter's Toff are slightly mauvier options, still playing in the pink purple but toned down. Finally one that fits the color to the t has to be Essie's Jamaica Me Crazy which is a violently bright orchid with a shimmer for those you seek the full effect.

This orange makes me think creamsicle. Not nearly as a bright but more like a creamy cantaloupe orange. For this I chose some more peachy colors and my picks include Essie's Resort FlingChina Glaze's Peachy Keen, and Julep's Teri

Bright yellow nails I absolutely adore, sadly I have yet to find a reliable nail polish so I can wear them all the time. Why is it that yellow nail polish is so difficult to apply? It always ends up uneven and thick on my nails, even when I get it down in a salon! I've chose Julep's Abbie based on color alone, however I do NOT suggest this one at all (you'll see why in an upcoming Mani Monday). My other pick is butter's Cheeky Chops which I've had a little more success with application wise.

This one was the most questionable for me. I apparently I do not have a lot of corals in my collection however I have chosen elf's Bubble Gum Pink and Seche's Precious as the closest matches I can find. This is telling me I need to go out and pick up some more corals which is probably not the best thought to have as I am running out of storage space.

This blue makes me think lake time and houseboats so it's very appropriate that I have chosen Essie's Bikini So Teeny and Essie's Rock The Boat. These shades are both very similar to the color (and each other) with the difference between the amount of shimmer in the polish.

A nice pale grey is always a good option for a springtime color. I have picked out Color Club's Silver Lake as an exact match and then also Essie's Looking For Love which is the same pale grey with a very subtle hint of green in the shade.

A great sandy neutral is a classic resort color and an ideal pick each spring. I've chosen Essie's Sand Tropez a cult favorite sheer wash of color that matches perfectly, as well as Essie's Cocktails & Coconuts, a new shade that they released in their (appropriately named) resort collection that is similar to Sand Tropez, but much more opaque with a subtle shimmer to the color. Finally I also picked out butter's Yummy Mummy as a darker alternative to this color for those who feel like sand washes out their skin tone.

Minty green colors is my favorite shade for accessories, so I'm pleased know that I will be on trend this spring! Orly's Jealous Much? is a dead match to this color you can check out this Mani Monday here for my thoughts on how this particular shade works out (as well as some close up shots). Essie's Mint Candy Apple is a cult favorite (I'm not a fan, but everyone else seems to be), this one comes out more of a minty blue on nails (not nearly as a green as it appears in pictures). Finally for a more neutral option of this color trend is Essie's Absolutely Shore. This shade is very pale with just a hint of mint to make it a very subtle nod to the color.

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