Friday, March 28, 2014


Another month with some progress made on Project Pan REMIX! I'm still working out exactly how I want to run this show so we'll see if the format changes. The concept of Project Pan REMIX is that I will have five products (left side) that I am treating like a traditional Project Pan (full-time), using it until it's gone and reporting on the progress every month, and then five products (right side) that I will be using that are just forgotten products and I want to incorporate more into my daily routine (think of this as part time Project Pan). Then I will have one product (center) that I will swap in on a weekly basis as a rotating "use me more" type of thing and this month I'm going to work through my perfume samples!  The format of reporting progress will be a little different from what I've been doing, but I will explain more and it will be clear once I introduce the products, so let's begin!

Left Side (Traditional Project Pan)

  • Benefit's POREfessional. I used this every single day and I'm surprised that there is still some left. Fingers crossed that one more month will do the trick, but I'm really impressed with how much product is in this tiny tube.
  • Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara. I've been using this every day (paired with my trusty Clump Crusher) and I just feel like mascaras are so endless for me. I have a better chance of this drying up before finishing it, nonetheless we keep on trucking!
  • Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in Peach Satin. My bad. I totally left this open and it dried up. Anyone know how to rehydrate cream blushes? For now I'm setting this aside out of Project Pan.
  • Lancome Eye Shadow Quad. I didn't touch this once all month and it's just time to admit defeat and throw it away, I'm not going to use this ever and there's no point in forcing myself to do so.
  • Starlooks Kohl Pencil in Obsidian. Never ending eyeliner! I use this everyday and it just seems to persevere!
    New item for April!
  • Maybelline Master Shape. I am moving this guy over to the Pan side, I use it to fill in my brows all month long and I'm getting really close to finishing it!
  • Benefit's Stay Don't Stray. I have so many eyeshadow primer samples its time to start pulling them out more and using them. I'm starting with this guy who I've actually been using all month but I want to just be done (just you wait until my unfavorites post...).
Right Side (Products to Use More)
  • theBalm Stainiac. I'm sorry for those who love this, but this chunky, gloopy gel consistency just grosses me out. I tried it maybe twice and was just so revolted by it I never used it again.
  • Maybelline Master Shape. This awful brow pencil is almost out of my life! I feel like it tugs at my brows like crazy and actually pulls out the hairs, no good since I already have thin brows.
  • Urban Decay DeSlick Setting Spray. Whoo I actually finished this! Another one for the empties, and one less neglected product in my life!
  • Benefit's Hervana. I love this blush so much I'm glad I pulled it out this month to use again, it's just so beautiful, but now that it is officially spring, it's time to tuck this away until winter time where this cooler flush will compliment my paler skin better.
  • Starlooks Gem Eyeliner in Topaz. I hate this so much. It tugs like crazy and the color doesn't apply evenly at all. I'm going to wait a month (or two) before chucking this into Project Pan just so I can be done with it, but for now I want to forget about it.
New Items for April!
I'm definitely getting overambitious with this project, I'm just trying to use too many products so starting from now I'm reducing the amount of items I put into this side from 5 to 3. Much more manageable and less overlap so I can feasibly use everything on a daily basis.
  • Physician's Formula Bronze Booster. This was the first bronzer I ever bought and now that I have a million and 1 different bronzers I've forgotten about this one. It's time to put down NYC Sunny (all time favorite!) and go back to the basics here.
  • NYX Shadow Stick in Iced Mocha. Speaking of back to basics, over summer last year putting Iced Mocha all over my lids was my favorite thing to do so I'm bringing this guy back into my life too.
  • Benefit's Benetint. I am filled with tiny Benefit samples that seem to last forever so next on my list to add is this cheek/lip stain.

Center (Weekly Lippie Product)
So I totally failed at this. I used up half of Gucci Luna Rossa and Honey but my allergies were out of control this month and I just couldn't stand to put any perfume at all. This was such an easy finishing of products I could have done too! I'm tempted to redo this batch but that would be boring so instead I am turning to Stila Lip Glazes. I have three that just kind of sit around and never get picked up so this month I'm focusing on that. I'm going to be travelling the first week of April so I decided to just skip that week since I won't really be thinking much about anything then. I have the colors Joy, Dreamy and Black Cherry.

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