Tuesday, March 25, 2014

What's in my Trash?! Empties #4

These empties are coming fast and furious now. I completely dominated at finishing up shower stuff this month as well as a lot of samples from subscription boxes. Surprisingly a few makeup items too which I normally am so slow at using up. At this point I have a handful of balms that are reaching the end of their lives so expect the April update to be exploding with those. So let's just get into what I have this month!

  • Freeman's Starfruit Sheet Mask. I got this in a subscription box (actually still have two more to use) and really wasn't a fan. The mask was too small for my face so my eyes and nose and everything did not line up properly and it made for a very awkward 10 minutes of wearing it. Won't be repurchasing this particular brand ever and also I just prefer the mask you applies rather than a sheet, I feel like that gets the job done better.
  • Elf Makeup Remover Exfoliating Cleansing Cloths. I got this free from my elf purchase and these were not something I like. The exfoliating side was way too rough and I felt in general it didn't do a good job taking off my makeup.
  • Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioner. I wanted to like this because it smelled heavenly, but it really wasn't a deep conditioner. It didn't feel any different from a regular conditioner.
  • Blistex Silk & Shine Balm. This stuff smells so good and feels so silky on my lips, but it's not very moisturizing at all. I find myself having to apply this every half hour or so which is just too high maintenance for me.
  • Dove Gentle Exfoliating Body Wash. This is an old favorite of mine that I finally just used it. I like this a lot but prefer the St. Ives body wash now because it is much more moisturizing. I also stopped using this because I didn't like the idea of a daily body exfoliant.
  • Vitabath Body Wash. This was a sample I got, smells like a cupcake but not something I want on a daily basis. I like more fragrance free or neutral scents, so this was fun for a few washes but I won't be looking to repurchase it.
  • Paul Mitchell Shampoo. I don't even know how this ended up in my shower but I didn't think this was a good shampoo at all. I never felt like my hair was clean just using this so I had to double up with my normal shampoo to finish this bottle up.
  • Clean & Clear Morning Burst Facial Cleanser. I've talked this product to death, basically there is nothing I like about this and I'm happy to finally have it out of my life.
  • L'Oreal Carbon Black Eyeliner. Apparently I like to hoard eyeliners and have a million open at once. Finished this one up, forgot how much I liked it, really creamy and dark, but there are just more affordable options out there and I won't be repurchasing this.
  • Pixi Lash Booster Mascara. This is a funny little product. I used this a grand total of two times (and hated it) and when I went back to try it again for a third time I found that it had completely dried up despite the cap being screwed on tight. Can't say I'm sad that I have an excuse to toss it though.
  • Ben Nye Final Seal. I just don't like setting sprays and I'm still not sure why I decided to pick some up (this was all when I was a makeup novice), just nothing about them makes sense to me as how they would prolong your makeup. Happy this is done too and now I can toss it and free up space!
  • Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer. I really really like this moisturizer however I really don't have a problem with acne anymore and it seems silly to keep assaulting my skin with salicylic acid so I won't be repurchasing this. I will be picking up a new moisturizer from Aveeno though to replace this one, but just in a different line.
  • Evologie Spot Treatment Serum Sample. This guy lasted me forever. Nothing special about it really, just came in a sample box and I used it as a morning spot treatment because it was a lightweight and didn't mess with my makeup. It wasn't a miracle in a tube (and again I'm not so acne prone anymore) so I won't be looking to repurchase this.


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