Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Full Nighttime Routine! (Shower, Hair, Skin + Nails!)

I've been talking about this for weeks now and finally I had the time to sit down and just write it out set-by-set: my nighttime routine!! I know specifically I always talk about skin care but I thought it would be fun to share my complete routine of nightly rituals. This specific routine I'm sharing is the really excessive one with all the extra steps I only do twice a month or so, I'll indicate these "pamper" steps as I break down all my products below. Just for reference, I have oily skin, huge pores, and slightly acne prone skin. It is definitely not sensitive, flaky or dry in any way shape or form so generally I find that it is receptive to my experimenting and I'm lucky enough to be able to test a lot of things. However with that being said it can be very particular and after a few uses I can tell right away if it likes something or not. This care routine has been developed after much trial and error and I can say I am quite pleased with the results.

I must say that since I've started this routine I have noticed a HUGE improvement in my skin. Typically I would get some decent sized breakout patches on my cheeks and along my jawline maybe 2-3 times a month, as well as once a month one of those massive red zits that kind of just sit under the skin and never fully erupt that are just painful and an eyesore. I've been doing this new routine for about 3 months now and I'm proud to report that my acne is now reduced to a one or two small guys on my jawline maybe once a month and no more of those lurkers! Also I've noticed that my pores are cleaner and therefore look smaller (no more white bumps of severely clogged pores!), as well as a slight reduction in the oiliness on my cheeks and chin (no dramatic difference to my forehead yet), and an overall evening of the complexion with skin that feels soft and plump.
First up is using the Garnier Cleansing Oil (read a full review here!) to remove all my makeup. Just one pump takes off a full face of makeup and even a hundred layers of waterproof mascara (I really go for it in the mornings..). I focus this mainly on my eye makeup and whatever I have left over I sweep over my entire face, focusing on cheeks to start the degunkifying process in my pores. I also brush my teeth during this time while I wait for the water to get hot in the shower.
Once in the shower I immediately pick up my Aveeno Clear Complexion or Garnier Fruit Gelee Cleanser to wash off the excess oil from taking off my makeup. Like I said I have oily skin so I don't need the extra oil sitting on my skin. These are both gentle cleansers that work just to take off that excess.
If it's a hair washing day (every Monday and Friday!) then it's time to use my favorite Garnier Hydra Recharge Shampoo, this stuff smells so delicious, like kiwis and other tropical fruits. I love the little exfoliating beads in the shampoo and I find it is the best shampoo to get out all that product build up I get from relying on dry shampoo. If you're wondering why I only wash my hair twice a week, it is the sole reason I can attribute to no split ends and overall boost in health for my hair. Keep in mind I have thick black hair so dirty hair is virtually undetectable.
On Mondays I use a regular conditioner, I don't have a brand preference but currently I picked up this Renpure BB Cream Conditioner from Bed Bath & Beyond that is working out quite nicely. I have a whole host of deep conditioning hair masks that I cycle through for Fridays but my two favorite have to be the L'Oreal Damage Erase Paste and the Ojon Rare Blend Deep Conditioner. I get just about the same result in hydration and softness from the $5 vs. the $35 product but I must say the quality in the Ojon is that my hair feels much more lightweight compared to L'Oreal.
I like to twist up my hair into a bun and really let the conditioner soak in for a good 3-5 minutes so during this time I turn to a second round of face washing. This is where I have three levels of face scrubs that sometimes I skip altogether or pick one of varying abrasiveness depending on how my skin feels. For a gentle scrub I use Michael Todd Fruit Enzyme Scrub, a more medium one is Suki Foaming Exfoliator, and one that strips everything is the St Ives Apricot Scrub.
Still with my hair up I'll sometimes go through a full body scrub session and my favorite is this Tree Hut Sugar Shea Butter Scrub in Almond & Honey, it smells so delicious, almond is definitely one of my favorite scents (and flavor of milk tea!). After that I follow up with my favorite St Ives Shea Butter Oatmeal Body Wash, let me tell you this, before I always used Dove (yes I bought into the commercials), but once I made the switch I realized I never knew what soft skin felt like. Finally I rinse everything off and it's time to get out of the shower.
While my legs are still damp I apply generous globs of Coconut Oil, really focusing on my knees and heels, this is by far my favorite lotion now and it just smells real good too. Another pamper step that happens maybe once a week is applying a face mask! Some of my top picks are this Charcoal Peel Off Mask from the Japanese dollar store, this Michael Todd Charcoal Mask that is amazing at shrinking zits, the Michael Todd Pearl & Silk Mask that tightens my skin and makes it so smooth, or an oldie but a goodie, the sadly discontinued Bath & Body Works Pumpkin Mask that is super hydrating and yummy smelling.
Finally it is time to start my skin care routine! First up is Tarte Maracuja Oil! I plan on purchasing pure passion fruit seed oil once I finish up this tiny bottle, but just 2-3 drops in my hand and I concentrate it on the cheeks, forehead and chin. This is really mosturizing and doesn't clog my pores at all so this has helped a great deal at keeping my pores cleaner and also reducing acne. I follow up with Aveeno Clear Complexion Moisturizer, going over basically all over except the apples of my cheeks where my pores are the largest and highly susceptible to extreme clogged pores that give me hard little white bumps that won't go away.
Next I go into the eye area, which is Latisse for my lashes and Kiehl's Creamy Avocado Eye Cream for under my eyes as well as bringing it up over my eyeballs onto that eye bone area. It's an area that lot of people forget wrinkles easily so it's important to hydrated there too! The last step for my face is this DDF Acne Spot Treatment where I just dab onto any pimples I may have. I'm pretty sure once this sample runs out I'm unable to buy the treatment by itself so I'm in slight panic mode over that.
If I feel like my teeth aren't looking as dazzling white as I would like it to, I turn to my Whitening Lightning Zero White Pen but only paint it onto the front teeth you can see when I smile. This stuff is definitely a thicker gel that is kind of difficult to convince to leave the brush so I suggest having some Q-Tips on standby to do the job.
Almost done here. You can see that I take my nighttime routine very seriously. This Hempz Sugar Lemon Square Lotion smells amazing, less lemon and more just sugary cupcake goodness. I love wearing sandals all the time or just going barefoot (I have a thing against socks) so naturally I have some rough heels. This is a nice thick lotion that is perfect for working into my heels (and feet) that has really helped me gain softer feet. Slather on some lip balm, currently the one I'm using is the Eos Balm in Strawberry Sorbet
Last step now! I paint on a cuticle treatment, either the Julep Cuticle Oil or Elf Nourishing Cuticle Pen, let that dry for a bit, slather on the Soap & Glory Hand Food and then it's time for bed!

Anyone who has stuck through for this entire process, I applaud you. What are some of your nighttime must-haves for your ritual?

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